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About COBOL Language

In this, We are going to discussing about COBOL language it is Common Business Oriented Language, so let’s start now ….

The full form of COBOL is a Common Business Oriented Language. That is used in the business world. It invented by Grace Murray Hopper.

This language is the same as the English language but,

it is a high-level language used to solve the business world data processing problem.

The main important goal was to develop this high-level language is that,

it will not depend on any machine so that everyone can run their program on any computer which is developed by this language.

To convert this language into machine level language there is a COBOL compiler,

in which you can make use of 30 characters to give the name of any data which is being developed using COBOL language. Because of that everyone can easily understand this language.

For example instead of CNAME you can write Customer Name in COBOL language.

We can also write a comment to better understand the program.

because of this everyone can better maintain the document as compared to other languages.

Importance Of COBOL Language

This language become the first language which was used by the most of the people.

By the way, as I said this language is the same as the English language,

which was mostly used by the many programmers or the people.

This language mostly used in the business world because it is easily understandable and readable or writable.

Features of COBOL Language

Features of COBOL Language
  • Simplicity: COBOL language is very simple as that we can easily read or write to this language we can convert this language into computer language with the help of the COBOL compiler.
  • So that we can easily write any program by using this language. It supports other features also such as syntax vocabulary.
  • Business Oriented Capabilities: According to this features COBOL language can handle the extra larger files and It has capable of handling large amounts of data.
  • Still, this language handles 70% of the transaction of the business world.
  • Universality: In this feature of COBOL
  • we can give the best and better future for our business and,
  • as time passes also we can give the best platform as time passes the new version of this language is releasing.
  • Structure And Scalability: In COBOL language there is a one logic control standard that we can easily read and also change according to our requirements.

Division Of COBOL Language

There are multiple division available of this language they are as follows

  1. Identification Division
  2. Environment Division
  3. Data Division
  4. Procedure Division
  5. Identification Division: Program or compiler use this division to understand or know about the program.
  6. In this division, only those can run the program who has a program ID.
  7. Environment Division: In this division, give the information about input-output files and inform you whether the files of which name,
  8. or configuration and give the information of the program which has written and run the program.
  9. Data Division: This division is used to define the variable of the program, In this division, the files section keeps the record of files, saves the data, and also used to update the structure of the program.
  10. Procedure Division: The use of this division is to define the logic of the program,
  11. to stop the program you can use stop or run, which is used to calling the program and exit the program.

COBOL still used ?

Yes, COBOL is still widely used in legacy applications,

that deployed on mainframe computers such as large scale batch and transaction processing jobs.

Most programming in COBOL is now purely used in existing applications.

Example Of COBOL





	    DISPLAY "Hello World."


  • OpenCobolIDE
  • SlickEdit
  • Edit Rockets
  • Visual Studio

Advantages Of COBOL Language

  • This language can do maximum input and output.
  • You can write the name of any data or any data in a maximum of 30 characters.
  • that’s why you can give the name of data as long as you want to give so that you can easily understand the data.
  • You can easily write any comment in this language so that you will maintain the documents

Disadvantages of COBOL Language

  1. This language is very wordy
  2. It was not designed for scientific application
  3. The time needed to compile a COBOL program is greater then machine-oriented programming languages.


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