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Animal Cell v/s Plant Cell

What is Cell?

There are different types of creatures & Plants around us. And they are different from each other. But everybody’s body made up of many small units, each unit is called a cell.

The cell is the anatomical and functional unit of the body.

Cell Structure and Function

A microscope is required to study the structure of the cell.  The cell was first studied by scientist Robert Hooke in 1665.  He viewed the cell with their own microscope.

Structure Of Cell

Cells are living and perform all the functions. Their shape is minimal and the shape is spherical, oval, columnar, polygonal, etc. They are surrounded by an object like jelly. This coating is called the cell membrane.

This membrane is selectively permeable, which means that this membrane allows a substance (molecule or ion) to freely cross, to crossing a limited amount. It is also sometimes called ‘plasma membrane’.

There are three main parts of cell,

  1. Cell membrane or cell wall.
  2. Cytoplasm
  3. Nucleus

Cell membrane:

The cell membrane is a selective semi-permeable living membrane that covered the protoplasm of each living cell. It is made up of three layers, the outer and inner layers are made up of proteins and the middle layer is formed by phospholipids.


The cytoplasm is found in all cells and remains inside the cell membrane and outside the nucleus membrane. It is transparent sticky. It constitutes 70% of the cell and composed of water and organic and inorganic solids.


The structure located in the cytoplasm that conducts the activity of an organism, that is, controls the cell, is called the nucleus.

Differents Parts of Plant cell and Animal Cell.

Structure of Plant Cell

Structure Of Plant Cell

Structure Of Animal Cell

Difference Between Animal Cell and Plant Cell

                   Animal Cell Plant Cell
Animal cell is smaller than Plant cells.    And its cells are bigger than Animal cells.
The length of the Animal cell is 10 – 30 micrometers.  Where the length of the plant cell is 10 -100 micrometers.
The shape of Animal cells is irregular and round shapes.  The shape of the Plant cell is rectangular or cube shapes.  
Animals cells store energy, that energy is in the form of carbohydrate glycogen.  Plants cells that store energy, that energy is in the form of starch.  
In Animals cells, only stems cell change their shape/form.  There is mostly all change in their form.
20 amino proteins in animal cells, can produce only 10 proteins.Whereas a Plant can synthesize a complete 20 Amino protein.
Here, only cell membranes found in Animal cells.  In-Plant cell, cell wall & cell membrane both are found in Plant cells.
Centrosome and Centrioles are presentsCentrosome and Centrioles are not present.  

Contributed By :- Priya Chauhan


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