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Best Tricks For Play & Win Ludo

Ludo King Game has now become the world’s popular game. Everyone, children, old and young, like to play this game.

But the fun of playing Ludo King game becomes gritty when we are constantly losing.

If you have this problem with you too, then you will be happy, because today we have brought such great tips and tricks to win the Ludo game for you.

Which you will win every time in Ludo King. So let’s know how to win Ludo, how to win Ludo game, how to win Ludo King game?

Everyone wants that they win every time in a ludo game,

but they are unable to do so even if they want to,

In fact, every game has the same tips & tricks, here we will talk about the same ludo king tips and tricks.

In this game, They win which follows its traditional rules. Here we will learn about those rules in detail, but before that, we know what is this Ludo King game?

What is Ludo King?

Ludo King is a compatible multiplayer game that you can be played on many different mobile platforms such as desktop, Android, iOS, And Windows at the same time.

It is a very popular classic board-based game that tops the Free Android Games. It is usually played between friends and family.

What is Ludo King?

Ludo king game is a mobile game that is a fully free game that you can play on your mobile freely and this game was evolved by Indian studio Gammation Technologies Pvt Ltd and purchased by Vikash Jaiswal.

Now you must have known what the Ludo King game is. Now we will tell you the trick of winning in this game. Let us now know that

Best Tips And Tricks

You might think that the ludo king is very difficult in the game but in reality, it is not. If you take care of some things and follow the rules then you can easily win in this game.

Here are some tricks of the Ludo King game, if you play your game properly then you can win almost every game.

This trick works for everyone 2, player, 3 player, or 4 players.

Best Tips And Tricks

Know The Rules Of Playing Ludo King

  • First of all, you should know how you can play the ludo king game and, what are its rules. For this, you should read its guideline, rules, or ask the people who play it.
  • After learning a little bit, instead of starting playing, you should know it better. Often people make this mistake, you can beat them by taking more information from them.

Open All Pieces Judiciously

  • All pieces should be opened as soon as possible. If you focus on only one or two pieces then you will have fewer options, resulting in poor progress.
  • So when you get a chance, try to open as many pieces as you can. But remember, do not forget to secure the token.

Don’t run only one piece at all times

  • We would advise you not to run only one piece at all times, time and number should be divided into all pieces. For example – instead of moving one piece, you should place all the pieces in different places on the board.
  • If you walk only one piece and it eats another player, then you have to wait for 6 to come and in such a situation you lose a lot.

Protect your Token

  • This is an important trick in this game that you should keep the token in mind while walking, for that you can save them by moving them in color box or star box.

Kill The Opponent As Soon As Possible

  • If you are following point number 2 then the chances of hitting the opponent are high. Whenever you get a chance to beat the frontman, kill him immediately.
  • For this, you should chase his token and eat his pieces as soon as you get a chance. With this, he will have to wait for number 6 to start again.

Try To Change The Throw Time

  • No one can claim to understand Ludo King’s algorithm. But trying to change the timing of throwing the dice also makes a difference.
  • For example – if you have played 4-5 times as quickly, then take your time to turn the dice in the next chance and vice versa.

Decide Your Game Play

  • If there are two choices between going for a win and killing an opponent, you should decide before you start the game how you want to proceed with the game.
  • If you decide to be aggressive then you have to kill the opponent. Otherwise, you should go for a safe game and think about winning, if you want to play it safe.
  • The competitor wins his troop safe instead of killing the competitor, so you can always try to be safe by not being aggressive.

What Is The Secret Tips Of Ludo King?

By the way, We do not support these secret tricks but still, you can try and see them, if you get benefit then it is a good thing.

  1. Choose Green Color: Choose the green color while playing Ludo king, there are more chances of getting six in this color. And everyone understands that the number of people whose number comes up reaches the center equally and quickly.
  2. The Token does not double: Walk all the games together, just like the train’s coach, because most of the token doesn’t double in this game. By the way, now this feature has come in this game, and the token has started doubling.
  3. But still, most of the token is not double, and more numbers 6 and 5 will come when you take it together. With this, you will be able to reach your token quickly.
  4. No out on being double token: If you reach the token in a color box or a star box, no one can get them out, but if you double your tokens, no one can out them.

So we learned in this post what is Ludo King, how to play, and how to win every time in this game. Hopefully, you can win the ludo king using these tricks.

In the end, we would advise you to try to take your token safely instead of being aggressive and make no mistake in eating the ludo token of the front.

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