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Chatting v/s Email

1.Chat is the new communication media that was created along with the internet.Email is also new communication media that was created along with the internet.
2.Chat occurs in near real-time.Email doesnโ€™t.
3.Chat is just a type of software.Email is a protocol.
4.It requires the permission of both parties to do.Email doesnโ€™t.
5.Chat is typically software dependent.Email is not.
6.Chat needs accounts on the same provider.Email doesnโ€™t. We can communicate via email in different different provider.
7.Chat is able to convey voice and video.Email canโ€™t.
8.Chatting is less secure than Email massage. But in now a days it also comes with End-to-End Encryption.Email is more secure.
9.Chatting relies on one cellular network to communicate.Email requires a stable internet connection.
10.In chatting no authentication is required to send SMS. Anyone with a phone can send and receive SMS.In Email Username and Password is required to authenticate the user to send Email.

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