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Glimpse About Computer Network

What is a Computer Network?

When two or more than two devices are connected and share information with each other that is called Network. It can be Device Computers, Servers, Mobiles, Routers, etc.

Devices are connected and using two types of technology, Wired or Wireless.

For making Wire Connection, Twisted Pairs, Coaxial, Fiber Optic cable are used and Radio wave, Bluetooth, and Satellite are used to making a wireless connection.

Needs of Computer Networks

Network is used for different purpose.

  1. For Sharing Files, Folders, Data, and information.
  2. Sharing network resources such as a network printer.
  3. And Sharing Software.

Types of Computer Networks.

  1. PAN
  2. CAN
  3. HAN
  4. LAN
  5. MAN
  6. WAN

1. PAN (Personal Area Network)

PAN is a private type of network and it is often used more in the Bluetooth Devices. During this network, A person controls its smartphone, computer, headphone, etc with one Device(Gateway).

2. CAN (Campus Area Network)

Campus Area Network is more used in the educational and military institutions. its scope is limited. Therefore, it is called the Campus Area Network. It is apart of the local area.

3. HAN (Home Area Network)

Home Area Network also has a private type of network. its scope is out of the person and family. with the help of this network, other types of services available in a house such as printers, tablets, Speakers, Laptop etc are connected to each. This network can be wired or wireless.

4. LAN (Local Area Network)

The full name of this network is Local Area Network it is used to connect two or more computers. The local area network is used in where the local job working locally. it covers local areas such as Home, Office, School or Building groups.

5. MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

This Network is made up of more than one PAN,LAN etc Network. Range of man network is 100 Kilometers, and it can connect a big city to each other.

MAN connects all the small networks existing in a city. And in this network Schools, Colleges, Campus, LAN networks, government institutions are connected to each other.

6. WAN (Wide Area Network)

Wide Area Network is the world’s largest network. Many LAN, WAN connected with the WAN, and through these, we can share data from any computers around the world. And also enjoy live broadcasts.

There are lots of techniques , protocols(TCP/IP,ATM,MPLS) in this network.Therefore,this network is very costly compared to all other networks.

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Priya Chauhan
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