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Create Your business card in just minutes in free

Hello Everyone, I am Rinki Yadav. Today I am going to telling you about how to grow a business digitally and how to create your business card in free. or how to create a free digital business card?

What is Business card?

A digital business card is like a mini website. Which makes your work easier and faster. Your customer can contact you immediately with using this digital business card. The specialty of this card is that you can use this digital business card. It is a card that displays contact information for a person employed by a company. Business cards usually include a person’s name, email address, phone number, website, and company name. They are often used in networking and business events.

Below are 7 Advantages of a Digital Business Card.

  1. Reduces Go-to-Market Time
  2. Low Cost
  3. Shoppers Start Online
  4. Customer Data Insights
  5. Reach New Customers/Clients
  6. Content Marketing Strategy
  7. Meet Customers Where They Want to Access your product or services.

So, now we are introducing the PageRaja platform where you can easily create your business card in minutes.

Tutorial Video of Creating Business Card

What is PageRaja?

PageRaja is a digital platform. PageRaja gives entrepreneurs, professionals, industries, startups, small businesses, and individual people all the help and tools to easily create their profile cards and promote their work digitally and grow online.

PageRaja gives you a platform to transform your idea into a business brand and helps in marketing your business digitally and socially. PageRaja provides a lot of template designs that will fill your data with your business and make your business online in just a few steps. PageRaja provides easy access to your business profile by scanning only the QR code.

There is an android app also available of PageRaja you can download it from the play store or refer to the link, the below link will redirect you to the play store.

What is PagaRaja’s pricing plan?

  • Free Plan

PageRaja provides lot of features at free of cost.

  1. Unlimited Template Designs- You can pick the design template as per your choice and preference.
  2. Unlimited Sharing- Unlimited Sharing feature is available on the PageRaja platform.
  3. QR Code Feature- Anyone can easily access your business profile by simply scanning QR Code, and in one click anyone can contact you.
  4. 26 Images in Image Gallery- it provides features to keep 26 images in the image gallery.
  5. 8 Videos in Video Gallery- you can keep 8 videos in the video gallery
  6. Feedback and Review- anyone can give feedback and review
  7. Unlimited Time Update & Modification- unlimited time update and modification is available on PageRaja
  8. Product/Service Listing- product and service can be listed easily in PageRaja.
  9. Payment Detail Section- separate payment detail section is available
  10. Website & Social Media Link- for marketing website and social media links are available

How to create a Business Card in PageRaja?

Steps of creating business card in free

  • Friends, first you have to open the website of and go to the pricing plan section and there you will find a free pricing plan and click on Register Now.
  • After clicking on Register Now, the page which will open, you have to fill in all your information. Then click on the sign-up.
  • After sign-up, Sign in with your credentials, and after signing in you will be redirected to the Get Started section, where you have to select a template for your card and fill up some details which are mentioned in the form and this process is compulsory to make the card live.
  1. Choose Template Design– So First of all, you have to select the template design which you want to select. For that, you need to click on the box above the Template.
Select Templates

2. Card Type: In this Section, you have to select the card type according to your business type. if your business is personal, you can select the personal option otherwise business.

Select CardType
  1. Personal Information – In this, you have to fill up your personal details. and then click on the Next button to go to the next Section.
Personal Information Form

4. Contact Details – In this Section, you have to fill up your contact details properly.

pageraja contact

  1. About – in this, you have to write something about yourself or your business.
About yourself

4. Make It Live – Now you are able to make your card live. For that, click on the “Make it Live” button.

Make your card live

Now your card is live and also you can see Success Message.

  • Below the Success Message, you can see Go to Dashboard button click on it, and go to the User Home page.
  • There you will see a “View Card” button click on that to view your card. also, you can view your card by scanning the QR code.
Home Page

In this way, you can create a digital business card easily in minutes and in free.


Arranging meetings with clients and customers is not an easy task, but by using the digital business card you can impress your client and can easily share your contact and profile details to clients easily.PAGERAJA is here to help you. PageRaja provides your digital identity on the internet by digital pages. You can make your digital Card using the PageRaja platform and can impress your client.

Hope you like it, and please like and share this article.

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