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Difference Between IoT And AI

Hello friends! In todayโ€™s article, we are going to tell you about an important topic( Difference Between IoT And AI ) related to technology. As you all know, how much time has changed today? How far technology has advanced in todayโ€™s time. Technology has a huge hand in the success of human life.

In todayโ€™s era, there are many such technologies that are trending in the market.

If I talk about trending technologies,

then you must have heard the name of technology like IoT, AI and machine learning.

If you have not heard or you donโ€™t know about them, then this article will definitely prove to be important for you because, in this article of today, we are going to give you complete information about IoT and AI, so read this article from the beginning to the end. So letโ€™s know about what is IoT?

What Is IoT?

The full name of IoT is the Internet of Things. In many places, you will find IoT written instead of the Internet of things.

What Is IoT?

The term was firstly introduce by Kevin Ashton and he did say that it is a system, where the Internet can be connected to the physical world through universal sensors.

IoT is an ecosystem in which physical objects are connected and can be accessed through the internet. IoT is a concept of connecting a device to the internet and communicating with a connected device.

Internet Of things IoT is such a system in which such devices are connected, which are capable of doing their own work by connecting to the internet,

you can control them from any corner of the world. This system is called non-screen computing, i.e. the device that can work and think like a computer but does not have a screen.

We have given all the information about IoT in our earlier article, if you have not read it yet, you can read it by clicking on the given link โ€“ Click Here To Know About IoT-Internet Of Things.

What Is AI( Artificial Intelligence )?

The full form of AI is Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a part of computer science. 

This is a technology in which a machine works like human or other organisms by applying its mind to itself.

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science, which is developing machines that can think and act like humans. Such as Voice Recognition, Problem Solving, Learning, and Planning.

AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence was named by John Makarti in 1955. According to him, its subject is to build intelligent machines through science and engineering.

What Is AI( Artificial Intelligence )?

When we prepare a computer in such a way that it can function like a humanโ€™s intelligence, then it is known as Artificial Intelligence.

This is a subject on which many future technologies and inventions will be based. In the coming times, it will become a part of human life just like information technology. Artificial intelligence will be used in many small works and large works.

Machine learning is also a part of AI, in which AI-based machines learn themselves from the experience of old data, improve it, and complete their tasks accordingly.

If you want to understand AI, then you have to understand all these words. Which are Visual Perception, Decision Making, Speech recognition, Language Translation, Knowledge, Reasoning Ability?

History of AI

1950 was the year when Artificial intelligence research started. Research in the field of AI began with the development of electronic computers and stored-program computers.

Even after this, for many decades, a link could not connect a computer to think or act like a human mind. Later, a discovery that greatly accelerated the early development of AI was made by Norbert Wiener.

Between about 1940 and 1950, some scientists from different fields started discussing how to create artificial intelligence. Which gave a new direction to the discovery of Artificial Intelligence.

The term Artificial Intelligence was first used by John McCarthy in 1956 at the conference of Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. Hence he is also called the Father of artificial intelligence. 1970 to 1990 due to lack of funds for the search for Artificial Intelligence, this time is also known as AI winter. Finally in 1997, IBM’s Deep Blue became the first computer to beat the chess champion Garry Kasparov.

Types Of AI( Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence is also called AI and Although there are many types of AI,

it is mainly divided into 2 types, one is based on capabilities and the other is based on the functionality of AI. Letโ€™s know about the types of AI one by one.

According to capabilities of AI there are three types.

  1. Weak AI (Narrow AI)
  2. Strong AI( General AI)
  3. Singularity( Super AI)

So letโ€™s know about them in detail one by one.

Weak AI (Narrow AI)

If we talk about Weak AI, we will call it Artificial Narrow Intelligence. Weak AI is such intelligence that can work well only in a specific device.

This is such intelligence that can do very well in one specific field and it is also called Artificial Narrow Intelligence.

For example โ€“ if your computer plays a chase, it can beat you in it. Because he is made to play the chase, but apart from that he cannot do anything else there.

If your computer plays a chess game then it is an expert in playing chess but other than that weak AI cannot do anything else.

Or if we talk about shopping sites like Amazon, Flip kart, which recommendation comes down, if you buy something If it is, then this system is an expert to do its work.

But it cannot play a chess game. So, such intelligence which can only work in a specific area is called Artificial Narrow Intelligence.

Strong AI( General AI)

If we talk about the brain of a human being, it is very complex, a human being has a lot of common sense, that cannot come in a machine. 

So to make a machine like some human brain, There comes Strong AI which we also call Artificial General Intelligence.

Strong intelligence or Strong AI which is used to describe a certain mindset of AI development.

The goal of this is to develop Artificial intelligence at that point, Where the Intellectual Capability of machines is functionally equal to humans.

Strong AI is a system where both the brain of a human and the machine are almost equal.

That is the work that you can do, what you can think and there are many common things that we humans do easily.

If a robot or machine can do all that work, then we will call it Strong AI or Artificial Wide Intelligence.

Singularity(Super AI)

Strong AI is not used yet. It will probably come in the market by 2050, then you will get to see such machines, such robots whose intelligence level will be equal to humans.

This is an intelligence that is above many levels of intelligence of humans and it is also called Artificial Super Intelligence (super AI).

If we say in general, Singularity is such an intelligence beyond which humans are nothing. Meaning that once it has reached the level of the human mind, then it will grow further from it.

In this case, it is a very good thing, we will control things very well,

we will do new experiments and if we have a very powerful robot, then with their help we will be able to do a lot.

But friends! If the machine becomes superintelligence, then will Robot listen to us? On this matter, many computer scientists even Bill Gates,

Allen Musk has doubted that if there is a singularity in the mind of the machine and humans, then The world will come under threat.

But if the time for superintelligence comes and the machine starts to follow all the rules of human being right,

then we will call it Artificial Emotional Intelligence. Meaning machines will have emotion so that they remain in human control.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence

Today AI is a very popular topic, which has a lot of discussion in the fields of technology and business. Many experts and industry experts believe that AI or machine learning is our future. But if we look around us, we will find that it is not our future but the present. With the development of technology, today we are connected with Artificial Intelligence in some way and are also taking advantage of it. Yes, it is a matter of fact that AI technology is in its first phase.

Recently many companies have invested a lot on machine learning. Due to which many AI products and apps are available to us. So, let us now give you some such AI examples used today, so that you will be able to understand more well what is called Artificial Intelligence?

1. Siri

  • You have probably heard about Siri, it is the most popular virtual assistant offered by Apple.
  • However, it is only available on iPhone and iPad.
  • This is the best example of AI, you just say ‘Hey Siri’ and it can send messages to you, find information on the Internet,
  • make a phone call, open any application, even set a timer. And can help you in tasks like saving events in calendar.
  • Siri uses Machine Learning technology to understand your language and questions. It is the most compatible voice activated computer.
  • Related devices are Alexa and Google Assistant too. Which are used for similar work only.

2. Tesla

  • Not only Smartphones but also Automobiles are moving towards Artificial Intelligence.
  • If you are a car geek, then you would know about Tesla.
  • It is one of the best automobiles available so far.
  • Tesla car features not only self driving but also productive capabilities and complete technological innovations.
  • Do not know how much self driving car is being made, which will become even smarter in the coming times.

3. Google Map

  • However, Google uses AI in many areas. But AI technology has been put to good use in Google Maps.
  • Giant AI technology scans road information with AI mapping to tell us the path to any place and gives us the correct route using algorithms.
  • Right now Google has plans to further enhance the artificial intelligence in its google map by improving its voice assistant and creating augmented reality maps in real time.

4. Nest

  • The nest was one of the most famous and Artificial intelligence startups and was bought by Google in 2014.
  • The Nest Learning Thermostat saves energy depending on your behavior and routine. It uses behavioral algorithms to do this.
  • It is such an intelligent machine, that it detects the useful temperature for you in just one week.
  • If there is no one in the house, it automatically turns off to save energy.

5. Echo

  • Echo was launched by Amazon.
  • This is a revolutionary product that can answer your questions, read audio-books for you, give you traffic and weather conditions, provide information about local business and also provide sports scores.
  • Can do. Echo is also undergoing major changes, adding new features. Hopefully, the time to come will make Echo even smarter.

How does AI work?

Creating a system of Artificial Intelligence is a very careful work in which human qualities and effulgence are put into machines. To really understand how Artificial Intelligence works, it is necessary to understand its subdivisions and how they work.

It can be divided into six subdivisions.

Machine Learning

  • It gives machines the ability to make decisions using past experiences.
  • It recognizes patterns and enables appropriate decision-making without,
  • human manipulation based on the disconnection of old data.
  • It uses automation data to arrive at a reasonable conclusion, saving man time. Man can use this time for more creative works.

Deep Learning

  • It is a part of machine learning. It teaches the machine to process, classify and make appropriate decisions under different levels of input.

Neural Networks

  • It works on the basis of the principle of human neural cells.
  • The neural network in a computer is actually similar to the image of the human brain cells. It is taught by different types of training.
  • So that he can think like a human mind.

Cognitive Computing

  • It is an integral part of AI. It is used to copy machines to humans and further improve them.
  • With its help, the thinking power of humans is impersonated in the computer, which includes understanding the language of humans and identifying images.

Natural Language Processing

  • It is the science of reading, listening and understanding language by machine.
  • After understanding the instructions given by the user, the machine responds accordingly. With this help, we can talk with the machine easily.

Computer Vision

  • This technique can identify a picture using deep learning and understanding patterns.
  • Which includes graphs, tables, pictures of PDF document as well as words and videos.
  • It is an important part of AI by which computer can understand and translate data.

Applications of AI

AI in healthcare

  • The largest use of Al is in the healthcare industry. The biggest challenge here is how we can treat patients better and that too at the least cost.
  • That is why companies are using Al in hospitals so that patients can be treated better and quickly.
  • One such famous healthcare technology is named IBM Watson. Along with this, health assistants have also come for common diseases, with the help of which common people can get their diseases treated.
  • With the use of all these machines, a huge revolution is coming in the healthcare industry.

Al in business

  • Highly repetitive tasks are now being done by machines with the help of robotic process automation.
  • Machine learning algorithms are now being integrated with analytics and CRM platforms to know how companies Could help better to their customers.
  • Chatbots are being incorporated into websites so that service can be given to the customers as soon as possible.

Al in education

  • Now with the help of AI, automatic grading can be done, so that teachers have more time for children to read.
  • With the help of an eye any student can be thoroughly inspected, what is needed, what subjects are taken care of, so that the student can be helped properly.
  • Nowadays, with the help of AI Tutors, students are looking for solutions to all things while sitting at home.
  • Due to this, interest in their reading is also increasing.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Easy availability : The biggest advantage of AI machines is that they do not require frequent resting like humans. Machines can do the job well without stopping for hours, and they are easily available anywhere.
  • Reduction of mistakes: Accuracy is a great feature in AI machines that makes it successful. Whatever work is done by it, there is very less possibility of mistake. Because such machines have the ability to detect and rectify mistakes quickly.
  • Multi tasking: AI algorithms are capable of multi tasking, it can do many tasks at once, so that those tasks are finished quickly.It is specialty of them that they can do a lot of work faster than humans.
  • Digital assistant: Nowadays you must have seen that robotic customer care is used in the application of any company, it is used to talk to the user online. This leads to less use of employees in the company leading to lower costs in the company.
  • Capable of making the right decision: Due to the lack of emotion inside the artificial intelligence (AI) machine, it works efficiently and is able to make accurate decisions in a short time. Which makes it quicker to do the work rather than delayed.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Wrong use: – Although this technology is very beneficial for us, but if it is used in any wrong way like terrorist, Naxalism etc. then it can become a problem for the whole society.
  • Dangerous / harmful: – Once the Artificial Intelligence (AI) is found, the machine will be able to decide on its own, then the dependence on humans will end, in this case it can be harmful for humans. Along with this, there can be competition in humans and machines.
  • High cost: – As AI is getting updated every day, hardware and software also have to be updated to meet new requirements, along with this, machines also have to be repaired and maintained Costs.
  • Making humans lazy: – With the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), man is gradually becoming lazy, as the work is completed quickly by machines, humans have now become accustomed to these machines, which Can cause problems for future generation.

Difference Between IOT AND AI

Based OnInternet of ThingsArtificial Intelligence
DataInternet of Things does not need any kind of data.All things is possible with the help of sensor.Artificial Intelligence needs lots of data while processing like patterns and understanding the behaviours.
Future ScopeIn future Internet of Things needs will human instructions .On the other hand Artificial Intelligence does not need any human instruction.Because machine can learn itself from past experience and starts to act more like human way.
CostIn the Internet of Things, the cost is considerably less.cost is generally estimated based on each requirement.
Connection typeInternet of Things needs a set of interconnecting devices over a network.On the other hand AI does not need any interconnecting, machines are independent.
ApplicationsApplication includes Wearables,Health,Traffic monitoring,Fleet management Agriculture.
Applications include Chatbots, Job Adverts, Natural language processing, Speech recognition, Machine vision, etc.

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