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Encrypt Your Android Phone And Make Safe Your Data From Hackers

Hello friends and welcome to RKRknowledge. Today we are going to tell you what is encryption and decryption, and How to Encrypt Android Device?

If you also want to encrypt your phone then you are reading the perfect post. Also, through today’s post, you will know what is the difference between encryption and decryption.

The Internet is being used the most in technology today. The easier it is to use, the harder it is to protect.

Our data on the internet is not secure at all. Anyone can hack or steal your data at any time. And the hacker misuses it.

how to encrypt android device
Encrypt Devices

If your data is also very important and you want it not to be hacked and never misused, then keep it encrypted.

If you want to keep your mobile and data completely safe, then it is very important to have knowledge of Encryption.

So let’s know what the encryption is, to get the complete information, read this post from beginning to end. Only then you will be able to know about all these and keep your data safe.

What Is Encryption?

Encryption And Decryption

We keep the necessary data on our mobiles or on our computers on the Internet. And to make this data secure, we use Encryption.

This is a process in which all our data is changed into a form. And the data on the phone becomes unreadable.

Which is difficult to access. It converts the data into that type of form that is very difficult to read and understand. As soon as your data is encrypted, it is completely secure.

This process is defined as Encryption. This is an advanced security option. If you have to read Encrypt Data,

Then it has to be decrypted first. Only then you can read it. For this, there should be a Decrypt Key or Password.

What Is Decryption?

Encryption And Decryption

The process of converting encrypted data back to its original form is defined as Decryption. This means that an unreadable text or code is converted into a text that can be read and understood.

Any user can read it and use that data. For this, you must have a Decryption Key or Password. Only then you can decrypt the file.

What Is The Difference Between Encryption And Decryption?

Encryption V/S Decryption

There are some differences between the two depending on their process and function. Know what is the difference between Encryption and decryption.

SR NOEncryptionDecryption
1In Encryption, the data is converted into Secrets Codes.In decryption, Encrypt Data is again converted to Original Data.
2In Encryption, Plain text is converted to Ciphertext.In decryption, Ciphertext is converted to Plaintext.
3Encryption is processed by Sender.Decryption is processed by the receiver.
Difference Between Encryption And Decryption

How To Encrypt Android Mobile?

how to encrypt android device
Encrypt Device

Now, Let’s see how to encrypt android device,

Encrypt the phone is very easy. The information about how you can encrypt your phone is providing to you below:

  • For this, first of all go to the setting of your mobile.
how to encrypt android device
Encrypt Device
  • After going to setting, you have to click on the option of Security.
how to encrypt android device
Encrypt Device
  • After clicking on Security Option, you have to scroll down. There you will get the option of Encryption and click on it.
how to encrypt android device
Encrypt Device
  • Now you will get some options like you have to Encrypt the storage of the phone or Encrypt the storage or SD Card. Click on whatever you want to encrypt.
  • Here you have to encrypt your phone, so you have to click on the option of encrypt phone.
Encrypt Device
  • Now after that click on Continue.
  • After clicking Continue, you have to enter PIN and password. Now in a while, the message will come on your mobile that your mobile has been encrypted.
  • So in this way you can encrypt your mobile and keep your phone safe.

Encrypt Phone Using Third Party Apps

After encrypting the device by following all these steps, if you want, then there are some number of Android encryption applications on the Play Store.

Through which you have many features available in addition to single file text and folders which you can also use You can encrypt your Android device, so let’s tell you about those apps.

SSE – Universal Encryption App

  • The SSE app has been running on the Play Store for quite some time and many updates have been made and will continue to come.
  • If you do not want to encrypt your entire phone and only want to encrypt your work or some files or folders, then you can use this app.
  • To work in those files, you have to set a password in it, which you can set in this app, you can make encrypted copies of those files or you can change them completely.
  • There is also a text encrypt and password vault inside this app. If you want to keep encrypted notes, you can use the text editor and share it on any platform.
  • Password Vault is designed to store and manage all your passwords, PINs and notes,
  • in which you can save a secure password by putting a master password at one of the secure places.

Crypto Ghost – File Encryption

  • If you want to share your encrypted and signed files with your contact, then you can search and use this app on Play Store.
  • Using this app, you can secure your files using email and password, which provide the facility to make your password recoverable.
  • In this app, you will also be able to create a separate password for your files, so that you can share those files with anyone without sharing your main password.

Safe Camera – Photo Encryption

  • If you do not want to secure a file, instead you want to save some of your pictures, then you can use this app.
  • This app encrypts your gallery photos.
  • Once you have encrypted the photo with the help of this app, then you can also share it,
  • with this app, you can also import the available photo and this app also supports GIf.
  • If we talk about communication, there are many apps that provide encryption facilities on communication as well,
  • both on the web and text, but for this, you will have to share keys with your partner.

Advantages Of Encryption

If you use Encryption, then you have many advantages, about which we will learn below:

  • By using it, your data is completely safe. Nobody can hack it.
  • If your data is also can be stolen, then no one can open it without a unique key.
  • With its help, your data is also kept secure from theft.

Disadvantages Of Encryption

Using encryption can also cause us some disadvantages. To know about its disadvantages by using Encryption:

  • Its biggest disadvantage is that you cannot access Encrypt File unless you have a Unique Key or Password.
  • If you forget the password, you cannot access the file.
  • If you reset your mobile then after that you have to encrypt your data again.
  • Encrypt makes your mobile slow.


Through today’s post, you have learned how to encrypt android device and what encryption means and also what decryption is. We hope that the information we gave you will be liked by you and also useful for you.

What is Decryption? To get information about this, you must take the help of this post of ours.

Difference Between Encryption And Decryption You must have come to know through today’s post.

And if you like this information, please tell us by commenting in the comment section and if it is good, then share it with your friends and also share it on social media so that more and more people can read it and secure their data. Thank You…..

Article By:- Suhashini Mishra

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