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Encryption v/s Decryption

In this post, we will know what is Encryption and Decryption and what is difference between Encryption and Decryption.

The words Encryption and Decryption are very popular words. if your data is very sensitive and important and you want your data not to be hacked and not misused, then you can encrypt your data.

If you don’t use it, anyone can hack your data and use it for the wrong things.

So It is very helpful to secure and save your data.

What is Encryption?

Encryption is the method that converts the information into secret code and hides the original information.

Encryption is the process used to protect information or private messages sent between two peoples.

When we send an encrypted message or information its gets convert into machine language.

So that no one can read it in the original language, but the person whom the message has been sent, they have private-key for encryption data so that they can decrypt and read it.

If you don’t know, what is the difference between Public Key and Private Key? then we stated below the key difference of it in tabular form.

Difference between Public key & Private key

Public keyPrivate key
The public key is used encryption algorithms to convert the message to an unreadable form.The private key is used decryption algorithms to convert the message to an original form.
The Public key is used to encrypt the message, so it is also called an encryption key.The private key is used to decrypt the message. It is also called a secret key.
The public key is Asymmetrical because there are two types of key private and public.The private key is symmetrical because there is only one key that is called a secret key.
The receiver shares the public key with the sender.The private key does not share with the sender.
It is slower than the private key.Faster than public key.
Widely distributed.Kept secret.
Public key encryption is known as Asymmetric.Private key encryption is known as Symmetric.
It takes more time to encrypt and decrypt.It takes less time to encrypt and decrypt compare to public key.
Example: AES-128, AES-192 etc.Example: RSA, DSA etc.

What is Decryption?

In simple words, the process of converting the encrypted data back to its original form is called decryption.

The encrypted data is called ciphertext, and the original data is called plain text, and the conversion of cipher text to plain text is called Decryption. It also requires a key so that the data can be decrypted.

Process Of Encryption and Decryption

Difference between Encryption & Decryption

The original message converts to an unrecognizable message.It converts a meaningless message into its original message.
In this process, the encrypted message encrypted with the public key.In this process, the encrypted message decrypted with the private key.
It converts the plain text into ciphertext.It is convert the ciphertext into plain text.
The nature of conversion is an automatic process.The nature of conversion is automatic or manual.
It occurs at the sender’s end.It occurs at the receiver’s send.
The algorithm is less complex and faster.The algorithm is more complex and slower.
The employee while sending essential documents to his/her managers.The manager while receiving a few critical documents to their employees.

Advantages of Encryption

  • Encryption makes your data completely secure and safe.
  • After encrypting the data to a large extent, even if the data is hacked or stolen, no one can access or read your data.
  • By using Encryption, your data is only accessible through a decrypted key. You may need a password that you want to allow.
  • It is secure and flexible.
  • we can not easily read any encrypted data and message.

Disadvantages of Encryption

  • The biggest disadvantage of encrypting is that you cannot access this file unless you don’t have a password or if you forget your password, then accessing the file is almost impossible.
  • It is hard to implement.
  • It is slower than symmetric algorithms.
  • The ciphertext may be larger than plain text.

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