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Difference between Excel & Word

Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word both are software programs of the Microsoft office.

what is MS Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a software produced by Microsoft company, and it is a Spread Sheet program. It works to do Open, Create, Edit, Format, Calculate, Organize data, Share, and print in Tabular Format. It also includes other applications. MS Excel is a part of Microsoft.

What is MS Excel?

There are two components of MS Excel

  1. Spreadsheet
  2. Chart.

Features of MS Excel.

  1. Graphical user Interface.
  2. Automatic Recalculation
  3. Use of Functions
  4. Conditional Formatting
  5. Creating a Graph, Editing
  6. Database
  7. Basic Math, Mixed Type Charts.
  8. Saving and Printing
  9. Pivot Table wizard

Various Elements of Screen of MS Excel

Elements of Excel
Elements of Excel

What is MS Word?

Microsoft Word or MS Word is a graphical word processing program that is used to type the user. These are application software used to make the new document and improve the old documents. MS Word is developed by Microsoft company in 1983.


Features of MS Word

  1. Page Formatting
  2. Editing of Text
  3. Spelling and Grammar Check
  4. Use of Thesaurus
  5. Page Numbering
  6. Column
  7. Mail Merge
  8. Create Table
  9. Auto Text
  10. Header & Footer
  11. Style & Formatting
  12. Use Macro

Difference between MS Word & MS Excel

Diffrence between ms word and excel.
MS WordMS Excel
Professional DocumentsSpreadsheet automation
MS Word business proposalData storage and formatting
MS Word articles & newslettersMathematical functions and formulas
HyperlinkingData cleaning & Comparison
Mail merge email sendingData modeling and analysis
Document formattingConditional formatting
Lectures scriptsPivot table
Word-to-PDF conversionMS Excel -to-PDF conversion
E-book creation and editingData concatenation
MS Word Charts and graphsVlookup and Hlookup



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