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Difference between Flowchart and Algorithm

Algorithms and Flowcharts have a very important role in the programming language. With the help of flowchart and algorithms, the program is very easy to understand. There are two forms of an algorithm, Flowchart, and pseudocode. Different symbols are used to creating a flowchart and which helps to understand the Algorithm.

An Algorithm and Flowchart are two sides of the same coin which depend on each other. It is an important step in programming, as it determines the efficiency of the program.

What is a Flowchart?

A flowchart is a combination of two words, Flow and Chart. The chart consists of different symbols to use to display information about any program. There are different types of symbols are used in Flowchart such as Square, Rectangle, Diamond, Arrow, etc. It is a graphical representation of an algorithm. The graphical view of the algorithm is called Flowchart.

They can represent how the program works and show all the steps of an algorithm in a sequence.

Simple structured of Flowchart

structure of flowchart

What is an Algorithm?

A computer algorithm is a detailed step by step method for solving a program by using a computer. An algorithm is a process or formula for solving a problem based on a sequence of specified actions. In mathematics and computer science, an algorithm usually means a short process that solves a recurring problem.

If you want to know more about algorithm then you can prefer this article What Is an Algorithm? and characteristics of the algorithm.

What is an algorithm?

Difference Between Flowchart And Algorithm

Standard symbols are used to design flowchart.Simple English is used to write the Algorithm.
Flow-chart is more time-consuming.An algorithm is less time-consuming.
It is difficult to modify.It is easier to modify.
Graphical representation of the solution.Step by step procedure to solve a problem.
A flowchart is a diagram of the sequence of operations(pictorial representation of an algorithm).An algorithm is a precise rule(set of rules) specifying how to solve problems.
No rules are employed.Predefined rules are implemented.
It is easy to understand as compared to an algorithm.It is not easy to compared Flowchart.
Flowchart follows all rules.An algorithm does not follow any rules.
Difficult to debug errors.Easy to debug error.
Easy to make a flowchart.Difficult to write algorithms compared to the flowchart.

Example of Flowchart & Algorithm


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