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How ATM Cards Works?

Today, We are going to discuss about ATM Cards, features of ATM Cards and many things so letโ€™s start nowโ€ฆ.

At the time of the demonetization, the government has encouraged digital payment.

To make payment digital the most important thing is that you should have an account in any bank.without an account no one can be do the digital payment.

When we have opened an account in the bank will give us one plastic card that we have used in any ATM machine.

ATM card is also known as a debit card.

So in this article, we are going to discuss what is ATM card or how it works in detail. So letโ€™s start with what is ATM card?

What Is an ATM Card?

What is an ATM Card?

ATM card or Debit card is a payment card, when any user uses this ATM card to buy something then the money will be deducted from that ATM card which is linked from the bank account.

An ATM card is one type of card which is used for fund transaction.

It has many names like plastic cash, bank card, debit card, etc.

with the help of this you can access your saving account electronically via ATMs.

Include this you can deposit or withdraw the fund according to your needs. You can also use it in mobile banking or internet banking. When you open an account in a bank, the bank will provide you an ATM card that is linked from your account.

By using the ATM card you can withdraw cash from the ATM machine.

In addition, you can also do online transactions or shopping and you can transfer the fund to your friends and relatives.

Except this when you go out for the shopping in the mall where also you can make payment by using an ATM card.

For that, you have to give a PIN number to complete the payment.

Whenever you use your ATM card to do bank transactions or any type of online payment then the money will be debited from your account.

And an SMS will also come into your mobile number which is linked from your bank account.

that inform you about how many money is still remaining in your account and many other things, You can use an ATM card any time or anywhere.

How ATM Cards Works?

ATM cards usually linked with the bank account, the bank provides ATM cards to their customer.

when they open new savings, current or overseas accounts.

With the help of ATM or debit cards, the user can buy anything from merchant outlets and online stores. This type of transaction is known as online transactions because no case will be used during the whole transaction.

When you swiped any ATM card then the money will immediately be debited from your bank account to the merchant account.

You can call it instant payment with instantly available cash.

ATM card users will also get one monthly statement in which all the transaction done by users has written so that users can easily track their transaction.

Types Of ATM Cards

There are mainly four types of ATM cards available that is listed below

  1. Rupay ATM Card: This ATM card is designed in India. You can use this ATM card is only in India. If you want to use this ATM card out of the country you can not use this ATM card out of the country.
  2. Visa ATM Card: You can use this type of ATM card out of the country also for the online transaction. If you do transactions out of the country then this is the best option for you.
  3. Master ATM Card: This ATM card is used out of the country also including India for transferring money because it is a foreigner payment gateway.
  4. Maestro ATM Card: This is also a foreign payment gateway that is used for money transactions for all countries. It also provides some best security features.

Benefits of using ATM Cards

letโ€™s know the benefits of using ATM cards some of are listed below

  1. This is one of the best and convenient options for cash
  2. You can easily handle the ATM cards.
  3. Because of this, we donโ€™t need to keep cash or checkbook with us.
  4. If we have a debit card or ATM card with us then it is a very better and safe option for us during traveling.
  5. ATM card is used to withdraw cash from ATM.
  6. ATM card endures the instant transfer of funds and receipt of service.
  7. And the bank will also offer some exciting features such as bonus points, cashback offers, free insurance coverage,
  8. So at this point of view also ATM card makes your purchasing experience very rewarding.
  9. Also, the ATM card provides security thatโ€™s why it reduces the chances of fraud, theft, or misuse.


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