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How ATM Machine Works?

When we don’t have enough money we usually make use of an ATM and ATM Machine, but have you ever tried to know what is ATM and how it works? \

when the bank was first established we have to go bank to deposit or withdraw the money for that we have to use a cheque

today there are many people who exactly don’t know what is ATM and how does it work,

so in this article I am going to explain about ATM and how does it work?

What Is ATM?

ATM is an automated machine that is basically a computer that is very useful to manage the fund of the account holder.

In this, any account holder who has a bank account can check their balance, withdraw the money,

and also can take print of their bank transaction.

This is an electronic machine in which we can do the basic transaction by own. The user who has an ATM card or debit card can easily do their transaction.

The ATM was first used in the world in 1967.

ATM is a useful machine that works very fast, with the help of this anyone can withdraw the cash just in one minute.

Because of the ATM people don’t need to stand in the big line of the bank.

Except this with the help of this, some complex task is performed like bill payment, or transfer the funds from one account to another account with the help of an ATM card. If you don’t know about the ATM card you can go and read this article how ATM card works?

How ATM Machine Works?

The full form of ATM is an All-Time Money and the actual full form of an ATM is an Automatic Teller Machine.

This is a machine that provides you the basic banking facility and it is open 24×7.

In the ATM you can withdraw your cash, check balance and deposit your check also.

The first time when you enter your ATM card into the ATM machine it reads your card and checks that it is real or fake.

After that, the ATM will check the account number that is store in the black leaf of the ATM card which is also known as a magnetic stick.

In the Magnetic stick, your account number is store.

Once the ATM machine authenticates your ATM card then you have asked for your ATM PIN number

which is also known as Personal Identification Number.

When you enter your PIN number your all information is sent to the bank server via satellites. Even you use any international ATM machine. All the ATM machine has been connected with each other via satellite and bank have its own server.

The server also connected with the satellite and even you use any ATM machine signal go to the satellite

and satellite will send one signal to your bank server where your account is there

and after collecting the information from the bank server the ATM machine performs the transaction.

So all the ATM machine connected with the satellite and satellite has connected with your bank account server,

where all the related information of your bank account is store.

So this is the process of how all ATM machine works

Contributed By :- Suhasini Mishra


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