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How Call forwarding works

In this, article we are going to discuss about how call forwarding actually works ? so lets begin………

In today’s generation all the people have smartphones or keypad phones are mostly available.

But there are many people who don’t have the information about mobile’s known features that are known as call diverting or call forwarding.

Many times, some situation comes like this when our mobile phone getting switch off , or may be go out of the coverage area.

Many times our phone gets busy at that time of period this facility of mobile call forwarding comes into use.

It is one feature of mobile phones from which you can transfer any mobile number into the other phone number that you want to transfer this processing is known as call forwarding.

The best thing of this features is that it is available on any phone whether it is smart phone or keypad mobile phone.

Call forwarding

Scenarios of Call Forwarding

Let’s discuss the some typical scenarios of it.

  • Suppose you are going out and leaving your home for some reason or office and,
  • you don’t want to miss any incoming phone number at your home or office phone number.
  • At that time your service provider can activate this facility on your land-line to your mobile number,
  • Such that when the phone rings for certain times without an answer,
  • the call is forwarded to your mobile number automatically.
  • You can do the same thing on your mobile or smartphone.
  • If those calls are so important forward it to the second phone in case there is no answer to prevent missed calls.
  • Businesses can channel calls to the persons or departments through call forwarding based on the extension dialed by the caller.
  • This is achieved through the IVRs and PBX systems.
  • Also, You can use a virtual number in case you don’t have a segment
  • of people who have to call you to do so through your personal number.
  • You can set a virtual number that will forward your calls to a private number.
  • You can also choose not to answer a certain phone call at all, and have redirected the call to voice mail.

iNum is a great international service for call forwarding.iNum is one of the popular service that offer the virtual numbers.

You can also have your call transferred to multiple phones. One of the best solution includes the well known google voice.

Method Of Call forwarding

Now let’s discus the method of doing this.                                              

  1. First of all, you have to open your phone number dialer.
  2. On their, at the top or in the bottom section of the screen you see the three dots,
  3. from where you have to click on the setting option.
  4. After that in the setting option, you can see the option for call forwarding.
  5. If you have two sims then you can see both the sim in that option.
  6. You have to select that number for which you have to set the call forwarding.
  7. After that, you see the other three options from which you select the call forwarding option.

When you click on the call forwarding option you can see the other four option they are as follows

  • Always Forward: If you select this option then all the incoming calls of your number will be forwarded.
  • Forward when Busy: If you are select this option then only when your phone is getting busy at that time call will be forwarded.
  • Forward when Unanswered: In this situation when no answer will be given by your phone you can then forward the call on another number.
  • Forward when Unreachable: That situation when your phone is in out of network coverage at that time you can use call forwarding.

This is how you can done the call forwarding by your smartphone or mobile phones.


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