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How Google Translate Works?

Here in this article we are going to discuss about google translate . So let’s start from the what is google translate?

What Is Google Translate?

It is a tool that helps you to translate the words or phrases from one language to another language.

Google translates takes the word or phrases that you type on google ,

and then searches the internet for the best translation from the billions of translated documents out there.

It provides search results in the form of translation.

It is a free multi-language statistical and neural machine translation service developed by Google, to translate text or websites from one language to another language.

Google translate supports 109 languages at various levels. And It will translate more than 100 billion daily. It was launched in April 2006 as a statistical machine service.

Google Translate is a free tool that becomes an Internet resource for quick translation of short texts. For top-quality translation service, you should visit a serious language service supplier (LSP).

How Google Translate Works?

In the beginning, when the google translates were first launched, the system relied on statistics to translate any chunks of text. It is needed millions and millions of human -translated documents, books for looking patterns.

To access this huge body of works in different languages was of course very difficult.

However google translates uses a special United Nation translated document, that allows google translate to compare between several human translated files for six United Nation languages.

In this way, the machine was able to do better translation because it is now able to examine the over much option of translated text to select the version that occurs more often.

By analyzing a human translated document, the machine can now be able to detect a consistent version of one’s expression. The machine uses a fairly large linguistic database to allow accurate statistical analysis.

In the early days, Google relied on the English language when translating between two languages.

For example when translating from a West African Language to Arabic, then google first translates the text from West African Language to English. After that, it will translate from English to Arabic.

Because there are more documents available in English than in any other language. That’s why it makes sense for the machine to go through those iterations.

How Google Translate Works?

So as a result Google Translate was very efficient at translating short texts. However, things start to get a bit awkward when you have a large portion of the text to translate.

In 2016 Google announced that the Google Translate service is now based on a new learning standard – that is the neural network machine learning process.

A deep learning system enables the machine to compare the text from the vast sources at the same time

and ensure that the translation process takes into consideration the full context of words instead of translating documents in separation.

Let’s say Google Translate compares Chinese to English translation with Japanese to English translation.

Then it makes the connection between Chinese and Japanese language. therefore google translates translating directly from Chinese to Japanese without using English as the intermediary language.

The translation engine handles this translation, again and again, It begins to find patterns between words in different languages and hence becomes better at translating those pairs.

So this is how Google translates works.

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