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How SMS Gateway Works?

A SMS gateway is a website that allows the user to send and receive messages from a web browser to people within the cell served by that gateway.

SMS gateway also provides an international gateway for users with roaming capability, allowing SMS communication away from the home network.

SMS gateway solves a common telecommunication problem, with different wireless telephony providers using different or proprietary protocols.

The gateway act as a relay that translates one protocol into another protocol.

Wireless network uses SMS gateway to connect SMS centers (SMNCs).

An SMNC(Short Messaging Service Center) is a portion of a wireless network that handles the SMS operation like routing, forwarding, sorting incoming messages, etcโ€ฆ.

The message is written in the user-friendly language in the application of a message in the userโ€™s device,

which then translated into mobile compatible language.

which will be transmited over transmission network on recipients device using different API s(Application Program Interface)

An APIs allows the user to join their message sending platform in their Apps and website.

API integration play a very important role in the process of sending sms to the recipients via user website or Apps.

This SMS very much depending upon API programming and sync with userโ€™s action.

Here SMS is sent from the PC or with the targeted App or the website which is then connect to SMS gateway with the help of different APIs.

These APIs compatible with different OS such as windows 8 , Android , iOS etc,

with different languages such as PHP , JAVA , XML , Python etc..

This APIs will well protected with Auth Keys(Authentication Keys) 

so thatโ€™s why your SMS gateway make very secure from any external threats.

SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway

An SMS center SMNC is responsible for handle the any message request over the wireless network.

Whenever any message is sent from the application it will first go to the SMS center.

The SMS center then looks for the mobile phone from which the user joins.

In this process,

the SMS center forward the message into many different SMS center until the destination SMS center is found.

The SMS center also stores the message if the user is currently not available,

and once the user is available the message is reached to the mobile recipients.

The telecom operator build SMNC to communicate with the SMS gateway and the wireless network.

Every phone have its own register SMNC gateway through which the user has capable to receive messages.

When the telecom operator found the base station of the user through the mobile phone is connected then the telecom operator SMNC sends the message to the userโ€™s mobile phone and the user can see the message.

This is how any SMS gateway works.

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