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Home Q&A How To Check Email Is Valid Or Not?

How To Check Email Is Valid Or Not?

By now, you have heard about phishing – fraudulent emails that appear as communications from a legal source. They ask the readers to give their personal information or if you open a link that may contain spyware or viruses and harm your PC.

Many users fall prey to these phishing emails easily. This is because the mail may have come from reputed companies or your bank. And users do not check whether it is real before opening it or clicking on any link in the email.

If you have not checked the safety before clicking the link, then you may be in trouble. No matter how clever you are, it only happens in an instant when you are not conscious and become a victim.

Phishing emails usually give you any information, your account has been hacked and click on this link to verify like messages.

How To Check Email Is Valid Or Not?

These emails are created in such a way that it is difficult to distinguish between real mail and spam or spoof. So how do you identify the difference between real and spoof emails?

Thankfully, nominated e-mail service providers like Google Yahoo provide email filtering and security features for you for free.

But unfortunately, no matter how effective the security, some phishing emails always arrive in the inbox. This is where all the mail you check.

Keep in mind that fake emails do not mean that your account is at risk. If you think that the email that you have received is not valid that you should not open that email or also you should not do any other operation into that email like don’t click any link available on it and don’t download any attachment that is provided into that email.

Email Verification

How To Check Email Is Valid Or Not?

So we have told you how to check the email whether it is valid or not, let’s see The display name of all e-mails coming to your inbox should be the name of the Ridder-Friendly company or person. But first, check the real email address.

The display name of the spam mail is from the bank or financial company, but the e-mail address is actually different. For example, instead of receiving an e-mail from [email protected], it can come from [email protected]

  • To prove the reliability of the email, you must check the sender’s email address and email header.
  • The ability to distinguish between a real and a fake email also depends on your email client. We explain it below
  • First of all, open the mail that you have to check that it is real or not?.
  • If you are using Gmail then you can become an expert by increasing the skill of Gmail. In Gmail, you can easily click the Show Details arrow below the sender’s name to check fake or real mail.

How To Check Email Is Valid Or Not?

  • In this screenshot, you can see that emails have been sent from [email protected].
  • Now you should check whether these emails are really from licindia.com.
  • This header contains mailed-by, signed-by, and encryption important sections.
  • The signed-by field in this mail is missing. In such a situation, you cannot rely more on this email.
  • Mail coming from a bank or large company should always have a signed-by field.
  • In addition, if someone actually tries to fake another email address, Google tells you and can warn you.
  • If you receive emails of such warnings, you should not rely on these emails.

With this, we tell you away, with the help of which you can check whether the email is valid or not.

  • For this, you have to go to Google’s URL and type ip tracker.org.
  • After that, you click on the link shown in the screenshot below.
  • Then you have to go to the email lookup option in it.
  • Then you can check any email you want to check by entering the email ID here.

How To Check Email Is Valid Or Not?

  • So in this way you will get the email valid or not, it will tell as shown below.
  • So this way you can check.

Want to verify an email address? Suppose you want to check this email [email protected] So you can send a test mail to this mail address. If your mail has not bounced, it is valid.

But there is a danger in this. For this, you will have to send this mail from your email address, which you will never want.

Or if you want then you can use endless, available, disposable, and alternate e-mails to defend your privacy and real email.

At this point in time, you can make use of these free online email verifier tools. This tool is easy to use, just enter the email address you want to check. Then these tools will tell you by checking whether the email address is valid or not.that are listed below

  1. email-checker.net
  2. mailtester.com
  3. verifyemailaddress.org
  4. hunter.io.email-verifier

So using all these online tools, you can also check. Hope you enjoy this information.

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