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How to Convert Excel to PDF?

By converting any Excel file to PDF file (Excel to PDF), anyone can open it as they want, even if they have Office installed, or not. With this, printing and distribution of Excel spreadsheets also become easy.

Excel allows you to create a PDF version directly inside the program, but if you want to convert an Excel file to PDF, but you do not have Excel, then you can use an online conversion service. It can also be used.

So we are the first to explain to you to how convert Excel file to PDF by staying inside the program in Excel.

Convert Excel to PDF

  • Select the part of the spreadsheet you want to convert to PDF (optional): If there is a part of the spreadsheet that you want to have in PDF, select it. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.
  • Keep in mind that PDF files cannot be easily converted back into Excel sheets, but through this method, a copy of your original file will be safe.

  • After that Click on the β€œFile” tab. If you are using an older version of Excel, click the β€œFile” menu.

  • After that click on β€œExportβ€œ: If you are using Excel 2010 or a newer version, then click β€œSave As”.

  • After that, you have to click on Create PDF or XPS, if you are using Excel 2010 or the above version of 2010 then you have to choose PDF from the save as type from the dropdown menu in the save as window.

  • Click on the. Options β€¦ button: This will allow you to adjust the settings of the PDF file you are preparing

  • Select what to include in the PDF: In this Options window, you have to include the number of pages to include in it,
  • Your selected part in the PDF, an entire workbook, or just an active sheet. And whether to include the properties of the original document or not, you can choose everything

  • When you are completely satisfied, click on OK.
  • Choose the corrections you want (optional): Above the Options … button, you can choose what you want to change in your PDF. if the spreadsheet is not very large, then leave it as β€œStandard”.
  • Name and save the file: Give your PDF a name and then click the Publish button (Save if you are using 2010 or newer) to create your PDF.

  • Observe your PDF: Once the PDF is ready, it opens by default, so you can view it. If you are unable to open the PDF file, you probably do not have the PDF reader installed.

Let us show you another way now….

Today, with the availability of many online file converter tools, a lot of work has become easier. We can very easily convert one file to another.

There are many online tools and Android apps available to convert any Excel file to PDF. But not all give better results. The online website and android app which is being told in this post, It better converts excel to PDF.

  • Online –
  • App – Excel to PDF Converter App

Let us know how to convert excel to pdf through both these tools.

Convert Excel to PDF Using

  • To convert your Excel file to PDF file online, go to the converter website from here –

  • After opening the website, there will be an option to upload an Excel file. Select the Choose file option to upload. Like the screenshot below

  • After this, select the folder where your Excel file is from. Now that excel file will be uploaded and started converting to PDF file.
  • As soon as you convert, you can download it. For this, select the Download File option

  • In this way, we can convert any Excel file to pdf file very easily. This is a very easy way to convert and the quality of the file is also better after converting.

Convert Excel to PDF Using Android App

Let us now know about the other way.

  • If you using an Android mobile, you can make Excel as a PDF by installing an app. The name of this app is – Excel to PDF Converter. First of all, you have to install this app on your android mobile.
  • Open it after downloading the Excel to PDF Converter app. After opening, select Upload File Here option and upload that Excel file.
  • After that, go to the Convert to PDF option below. As mentioned in the screenshot

  • After this, the converting process will start. After converting the excel file to pdf, the message of the file converted successfully will appear on the screen.

Now we can see this file by opening it. Or you can download it on the phone. In this way, we can also create an Excel file in PDF through Excel to PDF Converter app.

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