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How to Recover Deleted Text Message?

There are many tricks to recover deleted text messages from the phone. You can store the SMS backup already by using it or you can get back the deleted SMS. here are different types of Apps to retrieve deleted SMS from an android phone.

How to Retrieve Deleted Message From Android

Go to the play store and install SMS backup and restore. You can download and install the App from the given link.

Now open the app.


Tap on the getting Started Button. and then allow permissions on your device.


After that click on the Set Up A Backup button. then you will ask what would you like to back up so you turn on the Message option and then set the location of wherever you want to store the messages Google drive is the best option. and click on next.


Log In Google drive

As soon as you select the option of google drive, you will be asked to log in then press the login button. And tap on the allow button. After that, you can also create a separate folder in the drive.

  • So you can select a create the folder and give the name of the folder.
  • then tap to select that folder. after doing this, save it.

  • Now you can schedule this process according to you.
  • then press the button of back up now.
  • Finally, now all the calls and SMS backup will start on your mobile.after that your backups are complete.

  • Now, When you want that your deleted message back then
  • Select the menu option and select the restore option.
  • After that select, the location of your SMS and call logs backup files from where you want to restore. so you can select Google drive location.
  • Now you have to decide what things you want to restore. in this case, you select both SMS and call logs.

  • This App on a temporary base wants it to be a default message app. because, to restore, this setting has to be yes so you do OK.
  • After giving the permission of default SMS, you will see that SMS backup.
  • Restore will start and it will also be completed in just a few seconds.


Now your messages have been stored in the XML file. so in this way, we can recover the deleted messages.

There is another way to recover deleted messages.

Sometimes the message is accidentally deleted. In this way, they cannot be retrieved or recovered by the ways mentioned above. In such a situation, many software comes to recover permanently deleted messages. you can get all the SMS deleted from the phone back by installing it on the computer.

There are some steps to recover deleted text messages.

  1. first of all download and install the SMS Recovery software.
  2. then go to the phone setting.
  3. Go to developer mode in the setting.
  4. Enable USB debugging in developer mode.
  5. connect the phone with a computer with a USB.
  6. Open the recovery software and recover SMS.

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