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How to Remove Password From Any App?

Friends! nowadays most people use Apps lock to secure their application so that no one can open their Apps without their permission. But sometimes happens that they forget their password and they cannot open a locked application.

in this situation, if you want to open the app without a password then you can use this method to remove your password from any Application. So, friends, I am telling a very easy method to remove passwords from any app to know about the trick, you can follow the simple steps given below.

Remove Password From Any App.

If Apps is locked with App locker, then you can use this method.

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Here you can see the file manager App is locked with a password. that we cannot open without a password.

app manager

And if you want to open this app without a password so first of all go to settings and select Apps or Apps managers.

open apps
  • As soon as you tap on Apps manager your Apps list will be open.
  • select Applock App. then click on the Force stop option.
select applock app

After that you can see your password is removed from all apps.

remove password

So friends! today in this post we told how you can remove the password of any app without a password. In this way, you can remove the password from any Apps.

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