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How To Take Screenshots on PC?

Friends, in this article today, we will talk about how we can take a screenshot on PC. There are different ways to take screenshots on the PC, so let’s know about all the methods one by one. So let’s see how we can take screenshots with different methods.

1.Snipping Tool

So first of all, go to search option and search snipping tool and then open it.

Snipping Tool

After opening click on the new option, select the part whose you want to take screenshots and then save it.

Click on the new option

Some Shortcut keys to take Screen Shots.

Print Screen: If you want to capture the full screen, you can do it with the help of the PrintScreen button on the keyboard.

Printscreen button on the Keyboard

first, tab on the print screen (PrtScr), By default this image does not save as a file.
For this, you can paste it into an image editing tool(such s paint) and save it from there.

Windows+PrintScreen: If you want the captured image to be saved automatically, you can do it with the help of Windows+PrintScreen Key.

For this, you tab both buttons together. As soon as you tab, your image will be saved in the C: Users Pictures>Screenshots on your PC.

Alt+Print Screen: You can also use the Alt+Print Screen keys to take quick screenshots. By default, this capture does not save as a file but sends that screenshot to the clipboard.

Windows+Shift+S: With the help of these keys, you can capture the screen. As soon as you press Windows+Shift+S keys, your screen will dim and four options will appear Rectangular, Freeform, Window Snip, and Fullscreen Snip. It does not directly save the image but sends it to the clipboard. And from there you can save it.

W+SH+S shortcut key

PSR (Problem Steps Recorder)

What is Steps Recorder in Windows Computer ? | How to use ? | PSR kya hai ? | kaise use kare

Now we will talk about other features of the computer. Which is called PSR. This is the troubleshooting Assistant tool of Windows.

The full form of PSR is the Problem Steps Recorder. It is also called a step recorder.
PSR can be used to record stepwise solutions to any problem in the computer
So let’s see how we can use it.

First of all, type Windows R and then type PSR in it.

Search PSR

Now you will see a popup of step record. Click on the Start Record option to start the step recorder.

Tab on start button

Then minimize it.

After that, whichever process you want to capture, the entire process will be captured in a stepwise.

As soon as your process is over, then stop the record from the step record.

stop record

Your recorded steps will open in the browser as soon as you click on the stop record.

save step record

After that, by clicking on it, you can save it in any of your drives. And you can share that file with your friends.

Output step record

In this way, we can record a step wise solution to any problem with the help of PSR. And the best thing about step recorder is that you can use it offline.

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