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Home Knowledge Zone How WhatsApp Web Works Internally?

How WhatsApp Web Works Internally?

Hello friends how are you all? Hope all are good, so let us talk about some important things in this article today, which is related to WhatsApp web,

In the earlier article, we have given you some basic fundamental things of WhatsApp web like what it is And how to use it,

if you have not read it yet, then you can open it directly from the given link and read it. What Is WhatsApp Web?

So in this article today, we are going to give you information about how WhatsApp web works internally, so let’s start.

Whatsapp web has many things that are worth noting, so let’s know about them one by one.


  • We have noticed that there is no type of Authentication in WhatsApp as we cannot see our username and password.
  • In a way, this is also a good thing because it makes people less prone to login. WhatsApp connects their users’ accounts with their phone number which they are using.
  • In this, a user is associated with a phone number and there is no mention of the password because
  • you are physically connected to the phone number which is a unique identifier.
  • So do you know how WhatsApp keeps communication safe between your phone and server?
  • It uses end to end encryption.
  • This end to end encryption means that your phone first encrypts your message and then sends it to WhatsApp’s server.
  • Then WhatsApp’s server sends to the receiver and then receiver phone decrypts your reply and then it is visible to receiver person,
  • Let us now see how this encryption happens, so if you study about cryptography,
  • then you will know that if any phone and server want to secure any communication, then it should be able to encrypt and decrypt the message.
  • Hence they need to swap the token.

Authentication Token

  • Let us tell you that the first time when you install WhatsApp client and create your account on it,
  • then the first token should be swapped at the time of verification in which 4 digits of digit come in your phone.
  • This means that there is a token to encrypt and decrypt the message from the WhatsApp server connected to your phone number inside your phone.
  • Do you think this is enough for the phone? Then how does the web client of WhatsApp know which users it is associated with?
  • The one who authenticates your identity is the phone you have because your phone knows which phone number you are using and now you also have a token that proves your identity.
  • Now maybe you must have been thinking in your mind again and again why the web client showed the QR code instead of text to input on the phone?
  • Because it was very easy and troublesome to work, we understand that how it works? First of all, understand that in this authentication process we have at least three different objects, firstly your mobile i.e.
  • your smartphone which has your WhatsApp client and secondly your WhatsApp web client,
  • which is opened in your own browser, and the third one is the last one is the WhatsApp server that exists on the Internet.
  • let’s discuss the three of them one by one.

Authentication Process

Web Client Displays QR Code :

  • This QR code actually holds a token to identify your web client that is the one you use in your browser. let just call it Web ID to avoid confusion.
  • The web client continuously requests to WhatsApp’s servers for a fixed web ID.
  • But WhatsApp’s server rejects it because it has not been authenticated by your phone yet.

Phone Client Read The QR Code :

  • After that, the phone client means that your smartphone reads the QR code and authentication token with the fixed web ID of your phone, later it tries to allow that web ID to be authenticated.
  • And if it is said in simple language, the phone client informs the server of Whatsapp that this certain web ID is allowed to access this WhatsApp account.

Web Client Request To Access Web Server :

  • In this, the phone client now validates the web ID and the web client who requests WhatsApp’s server for access is now permitted to proceed further.
  • Now the web client will display your WhatsApp account, now the question is, what phone number are you using, how will the web client know it?
  • So the answer is that your phone client gives his phone number account and identity information to WhatsApp’s server when he authenticates the web ID

So this is the whole process how the basically authentication works.


  • Let us tell you that the chat history of your WhatsApp is stored in your phone, then how does the web client show your chat history?
  • So we can tell you that the web client requests data from your phone through the WhatsApp server.
  • The web client requests WhatsApp’s server and the server request to your phone how is it happen?
  • Let us tell you that the web client uses a web socket for communication with the server

Web Socket

  • Web socket, which is described in the RFC 6455 specification, is a protocol that describes the way data is exchanged between the browser and the server through a persistent connection.
  • WhatsApp prefers this to allow more original time communication between the web client and the phone client.
  • There are also some downfall of web socket that is
  • The more real-time communication means it requires more resources
  • Because of this, WhatsApp permits only one web client to be ready at a time.
  • As you know, the phone is connected to the WhatsApp server, so it will use more
  • battery and more traffic, so WhatsApp suggests always using a Wi-Fi connection.

So some how like this whatsApp web works internally. hope you will be understand.

When Does Whats App Web Session Expire?

  • There is no time to expire the session of WhatsApp Web.
  • If you have logged into your WhatsApp web and ticked the box of your login, then it will not be logged out unless you logout if you close your browser and When you open it back, it will be logged in automatically, but if you have not ticked your stay login box then it will be logged out as soon as you close your browser.

How To Use Whats App On PC Without Phone?

We tell you that there are many such ways from which you can use WhatsApp in your PC, without mobile.

  • Android SDK:- You can use WhatsApp in PC with the help of android SDK, it takes time to install Android SDK and it uses a good amount of resources in your PC.
  • Android Emulators:- Some Android emulators like Blue Stacks and Andy create an Android-like environment in your PC, with the help of which you can run Android apps like WhatsApp.
  • Third-Party Software: We also have some third party software that we can use to run WhatsApp in PC.

And lastly, you can download the setup of WhatsApp in your laptop or computer, in which you will not have to scan any QR code,

and you can comfortably run WhatsApp on your laptop or computer without your phone. You can download the setup of WhatsApp directly from the given link.

so this is all about Whats App Web. I hope you all have enjoyed this article thank you keep visiting…….

Contributed By :- Suhasini Mishra



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