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JavaScript v/s JQuery

JavaScriptJQuery a a framework.
2.Combination of ECMA script and DOM.It has DOM(Document Object Model). is weakly typed dynamic programming language, that works with all browser.It is contains set of library functions made using JavaScript. not provide allows to use animations.
5.JavaScript was designed to add interactively to HTML pages.jQuery implements a high- level interface to work with AJAX Request.
6.JavaScript can make web pages more useful by supplying immediate feedback.Web based application is creating by the help of JQuery which becomes easier and more useful to customize.
7.It has to many line of has fever line of code.
8.It is the most popular scripting language on internet which works on all major browser.It is a fast and concise JavaScript library that simplifies HTML documents.


Priya Chauhan
Priya Chauhan
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