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Know All About Jio Meet – An Indian Video Meeting App

Hello friends, welcome all of you to our website rkrknowledge.com. Today We going to talk about an Indian video meeting app. We will give all the information about Jio Meet App, what is Jio Meet App? How to call Video Conferencing from Jio Meet App? What are the features of the Jio Meet App?

To compare with applications like google meet, Zoom, Reliance Jio has launched a new app called Jio meet app. There are some features of this app that make it great to compare to apps like Zoom and Google meet. To know Jio meet app features, read this article till the last.

Due to the lockdown all over the world due to an epidemic like Corona Virus, all the Employees are working from home which is called (work from home) due to the closure of all the Colleges, Schools, and Offices. Similarly, due to the closure of the school, Colleges, most of the school staff are taking lectures with their students by video conferencing.

Employees, teachers, and students use apps as zoom and Google meet for video conferencing.

Due to the Google meet app being paid, very few people use it. The best app from the zoom app & Google meet app is launched by Reliance jio named Jio meet app. Due to this app being Indian, all Indian people should use this app.

What Is Jio Meet?

indian video calling app

Jio meet is a video conferencing app created by Reliance company. In view of the demand of all video conferencing app due to lockdown,

Jio has also launched its own Jio meet Video conferencing app. This app is completely free. The special thing about this app is that Jio meet app can conferencing video with 100 people simultaneously.

There are many people in India who have to attend meeting or college lectures daily through video call, this app can be very helpful for such people.

Jio Meet – An indian Video Meeting App

And another special feature of this app is that this app runs on all operating systems (OS). Like Android, Ios, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, this app will run on all these platforms. Jio meet app will run on all versions of Android.

Right now a lot of work is being done through the video conferencing app and today through this app our very important and important work is being done,

You can see if our Prime Minister is also having a meeting, then that too through video conferencing. This app has become very important for us right now. In view of this, the Jio company has thought to launch this app. The name of this app is jio meet app.

Through this app, you can make conferencing calls and hold your meeting with many people simultaneously.

The jio eHealth platform is also being launched through the Jio meet app in which you can consult your doctor through video conferencing.

Jio E-education platform is also being launched with Jio meet app, which you can do class by video conferencing with your teacher, in this, you will get the facility to submit assignments, you will have classes to take tests.

Jio Meet App Features?

Jio Meet Features…

  • You can avail a lot of benefits from this video calling application and you will get to see all the features that can be seen in other apps.
  • All these platforms work on android, iOS, window, laptop, and PC.
  • You will get the HD quality of the video through Jio Meet.
  • With the help of this app, you can conference call with 100 people simultaneously.
  • With the help of a link, you can invite anyone and any number of people for a video call.
  • The Jio Meet video conferencing service will also be connected to other services of the Jio platform such as Jio E-Health and E-Education.

The special thing about the Jio Meet app is that this app runs on all versions of Android. And Jio meets app is absolutely free on play store.

To download this app, you do not need to go for download from any other website. You get this app easily on Playstore. The rating and review of this app are excellent on the play store.

How To Use Jio Meet?

  • First of all, you have to download the application of Jio Meat in your mobile
  • After downloading, as soon as you open it, you will get an option to sign up, click on it
indian video calling app
  • After that, you have to enter your mobile number or email, and name.
indian video calling app
  • An OTP will come on the number you entered, that OTP you have to verify and if you have entered your email then you will have to verify it.
  • Now your sign up is complete, now you have to start your meeting by clicking on Start a meeting.
indian video calling app
  • So by following the steps above, you can start your meeting.
  • First of all, let me tell you that if you want to join someone else’s meeting, then you do not have to sign up for this, only you should have the meeting id of that meeting.
  • If you have a meeting ID, you can join the meeting by following the method given below.
  • As soon as you open this app after installing, you will see the option of Join a meeting.
  • After clicking join a meeting you have to enter the meeting id.
  • After this, click on the join meeting.

When you complete all the processes above, after 4-5 seconds you will join the meeting.

  • To run the Jio meet app on the laptop, you must first open your laptop’s web browser like Chrome, Internet explorer, firefox.
  • After opening the browser, you have to search. Jiomeet.jio.com
  • Or you can directly open it by clicking on the below link
  • https://jiomeetpro.jio.com/home
  • As soon as you click on the Search button, the result will be shown in front of you, open the website of the 1st number.
  • Now you are on the official website of Jio meet, from here you can sign up / log in and use Jio meet.

Benefits Of Jio Meet

  • The Jio meet app is absolutely free, it is an app in India along with being free.
  • If you are a doctor or a teacher or an officer, you can talk to a lot of people with the help of this app.
  • With the Jio Meet app, you will be connected to education organization and college.
  • The biggest advantage is that you can download this app on any platform such as Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.
  • You can also download this app from a web browser.


I have told you in this post about the video calling app Jio Meet App launched soon by Reliance Jio in India. You have been informed about what is the Jio Meat app and how to use it.
Stay tuned with our posts and website for more such information. Thank You Keep Visiting!!!

Article By:- Suhasini Mishra

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