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Lock your Phone With Access To One App(Screen Pinning)

There is a setting on the phone that no other app can be open when you share the phone.

Many times we give our phone to our family or friends to see photos or call someone. And in such a situation, there is a fear that after completing the work, the eyes of the householders do not get noticed on anything personal on our phone.

It is often the case that when we give our phone to our friends, then our friends start accessing our gallery or other apps. So here we are telling you about a way by which another app will not be open after sharing the phone.

So let’s tell you the steps for that,

  • For this, first of all go to the ‘Settings’ of your phone.
  • In the settings, you will see many options.
  • In this select the option of Security & Lock Screen, my phone has the option of device and privacy instead of Security & Lock Screen, So I selected it,
  • according to the version of your phone, you can see which option is available in your phone. And Select that option.

Screen Pinning

  • It will have ‘Screen Pinning’ (Screen pinning means pinning the screen, that is, making any window the primary window. Screen pinning is not an application or app lock but it is a feature of Android Lollipop. This feature will be available in all versions of Android Lollipop and after-Lollipop) at the bottom, open it.
  • Now for activate this feature, select ‘On’.
  • Now open the app you want to pin and go back to Recent. In this, the user will see the sign of ‘Pin’, tap on it.
  • After that, your app will be pinned and any other user to whom you share your phone will not be able to open any app other than that app.

How To Enable Screen Pinning

Advantages Of Screen Pinning

  • Screen pinning has many advantages
  • The first is to suppose that you give your phone to someone else to use or to call someone and if you pin the dial screen to that person,
  • you will give it to anyone then he will not be able to open another option except the dial screen.
  • If you have given your mobile to one of your kids to play the game,
  • you always have this fear that does not blow anything from your phone or press the reverse-pull button so that the call or something is not deleted.
  • In such a condition, you give it to the child by pinning the game screen, he will not be able to open the option other than the remaining game screen.

How To Turn Off Screen Pinning?

  • Once you have done the screen pinning,
  • you have to touch and hold the recent button and the back button simultaneously
  • to make it normal again as before, by doing this for some time, your screen will lock back.
  • The way to unpin the screen is also easy. For this, you have to touch the back button and the task button of the phone and keep it for a few seconds. With this, the phone will be unpinned. Now you can use the phone as before.
  • You can turn off the Screen Pin feature as you did turn on
  • Go to the setting and turn off the screen pinning option from there.

So in this way you can secure your phone before sharing the phone to someone.


So in this whole article, we told you how you can go to Settings and turn on the option of screen pinning

and keep it on before giving the phone to others and let anyone use your phone easily without any fear. I hope you enjoyed this information.

Contributed By :- Suhasini Mishra



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