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Make Your important File & Folder Invisible

Hello, friends Do you also want to hide any of your important Folder or any files (Make Your important File & Folder Invisible) on your computer.

As we all know today everyone wants to hide their personal information but what they can do? because many people use their PC or laptop.

Whether it is an office or home, we have to hide any of our private files.

if we do not know how to hide any files or any folder on our computer. then we can’t hide the files.

And where kept that file so that no one can see it, then there is no need to panic friends,

Your computer has a feature through which you can hide any files,

so let’s know step by step that how to hide a file or folder and make it invisible.

How to Make Files OR Folders Invisible in Computer

To hide any folder or file in computer is very easy task,

you can hide any file or folder in your computer in just one minute.

  • for this, first of all, you have to right-click of the mouse on top of your folder or file,
  • In which the lowest properties option appears on which you have to click,
  • After clicking, it looks something like this.
  • After this, as soon as you click on Properties, another popup will open,
  • In that, you have to select Hidden and after clicking Apply, click on OK.
  • After that, your file or folder is not completely hidden yet.
  • you have to open the control panel of your computer.
  • And to open the folder options or File Explorer Options in it. As shown below.
  • As soon as you open the folder options, you get some such options.
  • In that, you have to go in view option in it.
  • Now you have to tick the Don’t show hidden files folders or drives in it and now after applying,
  • Click on the Ok button and now you will be able to see that your file or folder will be hidden, in this way you Can hide your file or folder.

So in this way you can make invisible and hide any of your important files or folders.

How To Make File Or Folder Visible?

  • Friends, now if you want to show this file or folder, You can do this very simply by processing it exactly the opposite,
  • for this, first of all, you have to open the folder options in your control panel and when you To hide, don’t show hidden files by ticking on folders or drives.
  • now for making your file visible, you have to click on show hidden files, folder, and drives as given in the below screenshot.
  • Right now that folder looks blurred, now you have to right-click on that folder or file and click on properties again and untick the hidden and after applying it Ok now your file or folder starts to appear clearly.
  • so by doing this process you can again make your files or folder visible.
  • I hope you will like this information.

Contributed By :- Suhasini Mishra

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