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Mass v/s Weight – Key Difference

Friends, a basic topic in science subjects is mass and weight. That is the subject we get to study in the early class itself. So today we will also provide you information about mass and weight in this article.

In this article, we will give you information about what is called mass, what is called weight, what is the formula of weight, difference in mass and weight, gravitational acceleration, gravitational constant, etc.

What is mass, what is weight, what is the relation between mass and weight, formula of weight, unit of weight, unit of load in MKS method, the unit of weight in SI unit, weight, and mass Difference?

What is mass?

The mass of an object is the magnitude of the substance present in that object. Its value is the same everywhere on Earth, space, or other planets.

Mass is a constant for each object, which means that mass cannot change until the object is replaced. In other words, mass is that mass which is in constant quantity in the body and its value does not change at any place.

What Is Weight?

Earth attracts every object towards its center. Therefore, β€œthe force of attraction on the object by the earth is called the weight of the object. The direction of the load is always towards the center of the earth. The load has both directions and results.

Because of this it is a vector amount. Its unit is Newton or kilogram-weight.

  • Relationship between mass and weight : Weight = mass Γ— gravitational acceleration
1.Mass is a measurement of the amount of matter something contains.Weight is the measurement of gravitational force acting of an object.
2.Mass cannot be zero.Weight will be zero, if there is no gravity.
3.Mass does not increased or decreased according to location.Weight can be increased or decreased because of different gravity of every places.
4.Mass can be measured in grams and kilograms.Weight can be measured in newtons.
5.Mass is a scalar quantity.Weight is a vector quantity.
6The unit of mass is a kilogram.The unit of weight is Newton or Kilogram.
7The mass can be measured by physical balance.The springers use the balance to find the weight.
8The value of mass remains the same at any place.The weight of the object varies at different places due to the change in gravitational acceleration.

Mass v/s Weight

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