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How E-Commerce Shipping works

The full form of e-commerce is electronic commerce. It is one kind of online buying or selling sites from where we can buy or sell any products.

We can do online business through this e-commerce sites. On the internet buying product, purchasing e-books, selling something, etc are called e-commerce.

E-Commerce Shipping Process

E-commerce shipping carries all the services that are used to transport the product that purchased online to the customerโ€™s delivery destination.

There are various facts to know about how E-commerce shipping works which is given below.

  1. At first comes those activities, which are needed to process the order that is made by the customer.
  2. Second is there should be a nice shipping service to meet customer requirements in a very fast and effective manner to deliver the product to the customer doorstep.

In an e-commerce shipping service API (Application Program Interface) plays an important role. Itโ€™s a communication between two programs. API works as a bridge that allows them to brings the program together and exchange data in a safe and secure manner. It gives the Facility to integrate the shipping functionality. Through shipping APIs, the user can track the order into his mobile app, or website or an email or a text message. When the package status changed API will provide the immediately update to the customer regarding their order.

If the customer selects the premium mode of delivery option. Shipping logistic will deliver the product to the customerโ€™s address. The shipping logistic will calculate the following factors like shipping cost, dimensional weight, shipping labels.

E-Commerce Shipping

The shipping cost will vary on various condition such as dimension of the package,

the weight of the package, shipping service, and shipping zones. Some major shipping carriers used to dimensional weight (DIM) technique to calculate shipping cost.

Shipping labels includes the useful information like origin and delivery address of the order,

package weight, tracking number so that package cannot be lost or never be mismatched.

To ship a product first the shipper have to create an account on the website of shipping logistic.

E-Commerce Shipping

The shipper have to click on the prepare shipment where he needs to fill the following details ,

like shipper details, receiver details,shipment details,payment method, service type,confirm shipping etcโ€ฆ..

  • In Shipper details shipper needs to fill the details regarding the shipper like name, address, contact no, etc..
  • In the receiver, details shipper needs to fill the details regarding the receiver where the package has to be delivered.
  • Here, In shipment details, the shipper has to fill information regarding, such as type of content, the weight of the package, etc..
  • And Shipper selects the payment method according to the requirements.
  • Type of service options here such as by air, by road, by the ocean.

After checking all the condition and information seller just needs to click on the confirm.

After that, needs to click on the print shipment label, shipment label will be generated, and that carries the information of the package.

Once the label is generate, the shipper pastes this over the package that to be delivered ,

and it is a sign of that package is ready for successful delivery.

Then the delivery man will pick that package from the shipper address and begin the process to deliver the package over the correct destination.

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