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Sales v/s Marketing

Do you know what is the difference between sales and marketing? If not, in this article I will explain to you in Difference Between Sales and Marketing in a very easy Language.

The topic of marketing and sales is very confusing, and the special thing is that many people believe that marketing is sales. Sales and marketing terms are used simultaneously in small and medium-sized businesses. But there is no such thing in big companies, there are two separate departments of sales and marketing and in large organizations, roles and responsiveness are distributed in a more specialized manner.

Now let us tell you the inside thing: – Whenever you talk to a marketing fellow, he is definitely doing sales work by advertising his company’s product in front of you.

Perhaps this is the reason why we do not know what is inside, but after seeing this process, we understand it, and then this concept becomes in our mind.

First of all, we read the meaning, definition, and example of the word Sales and try to understand it.

What Is Sales?

Sales work is primarily to build relationships with existing customers and channel partners and to fill their requirements.

If we understand the meaning of the word sales in easy terms, then we can understand that whatever stock means whatever is the product you have to sell it.

The job of the sales team is to knock on the doors, manage them if there is any type of complaints or objections, finalize the price and terms and conditions, and fulfill the customer’s order.

Sales focus more on completing their monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly targets.

What Is Marketing?

Marketing mainly consists of many types of work, such as-

  1. Understanding the market from the customer’s perspective.
  2. To do market research.
  3. Strategizing the future needs
  4. Analyze the competition of the market.
  5. Creating a Long Lasting Relationship.
  6. Creating a Brand Identity
  7. Producing products according to customer requirements.
  8. Fixing prices according to market competition.
  9. Using Strong Advertising Tools

Understanding the customer’s needs and accordingly selling products or services so that the company can make a good profit from it. So from this, we can say that marketing starts only by understanding the customer’s needs and continues even after selling the same to the customer.

  • Example of marketing: like Patanjali understood that people need an herbal toothpaste, and then made tooth, and if we see it is being used in about 70-75% of households in India today.

Key point – When will sales work in this situation?

When you make a product according to the demand of the customer, after that the process that will take place to make the goods available to the people is called sales.

Facts About Marketing

Let us now understand some main facts of marketing one by one: –

  • Marketing Research: Before making any product, it is very important for you to think that what else is related to that product in the market, and according to what they are selling.
  • Consumer Behavior: It is very important for you to understand what is the customer’s opinion about the product.
  • Business Market: Now you will not make your loss due to the customer,
  • so you have to first guess what effect it will have on your business when you bring the product to the market.
  • Brand Management: Whichever brand of the product you make, that is, you have to pay attention to its category too.
  • Product Management: Whatever product you make, manage it well, and bring it to the market. Such as its shape, size, etc.
  •  New Product Development: In the new product, as compared to the old one, the more you can add the new quality, then it will be. better.

Facts Of Marketing

  • Product Life Cycle: Keep in mind that the products you make can be life span according to you. Wherever you make a product that lasts only 2 months, then it stops
  • Pricing Strategies: This can be the most important point for the marketing person
  • Whenever you make a product and fix the price, then take care that you do not make that product for very high profile people or poor people in the middle. Keeping.
  • You just have to make a product keeping in mind the needs of middle-class people,
  • because most of the humans in India belong to this category.
  • Promotions & Advertisement: This is very important, if you are launching a new product,
  • then it is very important to promote it. Otherwise, think for yourself whether people sitting at home will dream about the product you have made or not, for this you must promote.
  • Sales and Distribution: Finally it comes through which you will sell that product and which place you will focus mainly on

Difference Between Sales And Marketing

1.To sell the product it refers to sales.To make, and sell any product according to customer demand and according to their feedback upgrade them is known as marketing.
2.The area of sales is smaller than marketing.The area of marketing is wide as compared to sales.
3.The duration of sales is short term.The duration of marketing is long-term.
4.The relationship of the sales is one to one.The relationship of marketing is one too many.
5.In sales, the company makes the products and then decide how to sell it.In marketing company determines what the customer wants and defines how to make it.
6It is a part of marketing.Marketing itself is a very large term.
7Sales focus more on completing their monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly targets.Its focus remains on everything before making the product and after selling the same.

Sales V/S Marketing

Suhashini Mishra
Suhashini Mishra
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