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Soft Computing v/s Hard Computing

Hi! Friends! How are you today? Today, We are going to explain about computing. In this, we going to see what is computing? what types of computing? what is soft and hard computing? And also key differences between soft computing and hard computing. so letโ€™s move onโ€ฆ..

What is computing?

In general terms, for a given problem and you have to find the right solution, for this, you need to apply some computing, some methods, some techniques, and some models to what is called computing.

There is a function that is taking some input(Antecedent), and It is getting converted into desired output Y(Consequent).

There are two types of computing.

  • Hard computing
  • Soft computing.

What is Soft Computing?

Software computing introduced by Lotfi Zadeh and came into general circulation in 1994. soft computing is a collection of techniques that help to construct a computationally intelligent system. An intelligent system means that one must have human-like expertise and mind.

It should adapt and learn by watching or by observations and learn new things, At the same time, he should be able to make decisions and take action.

Soft computing refers to as conceptual intelligence in machines.

It is based on fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, neural network, and expert systems.

Techniques of Soft Computing

Software computing consists of three techniques.

  • A Neural network
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Evolutionary computing.

1.Neural Network:

Neural networks are a type of information processing and developed in 1950. The human mind is process information in a way, neural networks also work in the same way, but computers cannot do it. Therefore neural networks were developed to solve this problem.

2. Fuzzy logic:

Fuzzy logic is a set of mathematics and It is a type of multi-valued logic in which the truth value of the variables between 0 and 1. Its use is consistent with the concept of partial truth. It uses in Air conditioners, Automobile, and cameras, etc.

3. Evolutionary Computing:

Evolutionary is a field of computer science inspired by biological evolution. Evolution uses to find the optimal solution for a problem and is considered as global optimization and search techniques. Evolutionary computing technology is included in the metaheuristic optimization algorithm.

Application of Soft Computing

soft computing vs hard computing

Features Of Soft Computing

Future Scope Of Soft Computing

  • Soft Computing is extended much farther because It is likely to play and an especially important role in science and engineering.
  • Soft computing represents a significant paradigm shift in the aims of computing.
  • It can explain their decision.
  • Fuzzy systems can be applied to the construction of more advanced intelligent systems.
  • Soft Computing is very effective to solve real-world problems.

What is Hard Computing?

Hard computing is conventional computing and this computing is based on a crisp system, binary logic, and numerical analysis. It has features such as precision and hierarchy.

Features of Hard Computing

Based on pure mathematics.
Give an exact solution.
Hard computing is suitable for problems that mathematically simplify models.
It is not suitable for solving real-world problems.

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