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Unlock password-protected Zip File without a password

Hi! Friends! How are you today? Today we are going to tell you something interesting in the Smart Tricks & tips Section. If you like to create a zip file and secure your files with setting in password, and then you forget the password of that file, at that time you are not able to open it without a password. but donโ€™t worry friends, in this article we are going to share Smart tricks for opening password-protected zip files without a password. so letโ€™s start nowโ€ฆ..

How to set a password in a zip file?

step 1: First of all, select the doc file (or any file) that you want to set a password. Then right-click on a doc file(or your file) and select Add to Archive option.

2: There are three options of archive format, select format option that you want, and then select a set password.


3: As soon as you click on the set password, a new window will be open in which you have to enter your password.

Set your password

4 : Click on the OK button after that password will be set in your zip file.

5 :Again click on the OK button.

open-your-file to enter your password

6: Now, if you want to open this file you need to enter the password for open this. In this way, you can easily set a password in your zip file.

Now, I am going to share two tricks first tricks is using software, and the second is using cmd for extracting password from the zip file and then unlocking it. so letโ€™s move onโ€ฆ

UnlockZipfile without password

How to Unlock Zip File without Password?

Step 1: first of all, download and install Zip Password Refixer software on your laptop or computer.

Software Download Link

2: Open the software after it is installed.

3: And then, click on the open button on the right side and select the zip file that you want to unzip.

Open Software

4: After that, tab on the start button and select type of attack then processing will continue and it will take some time.

tab on the start button.

5: when the processing being recovered successfully, copy the recovered password to open your locked zip archive.

Copy password

6: Open your zip file and paste that password for the decrypt zip file.

Paste your password

In this way, you can unlock the zip file without password.

How to crack the Zip File password using CMD?

Here we use John the Ripper CMD line tool for cracking zip file passwords. So, follow some steps to crack zip password.

Step 1: First of all, you have to download John the Ripper zip file from given link below.

2: Then, Extract or unzip the downloaded zip file on your desktop.

Extract Zip file

3: then change the name of folder to john.

Rename folder

4: Open that folder and go to the run folder then create a new folder named hack inside the run folder.

Create a new folder

5: And then, copy the zip file whose you want to know the password. and paste inside the hack folder.

Copy the folder

6: Now, Open the command prompt. and type cd desktop\john\run and press the enter button.

Enter command

7: And then type zip2john.exe Hack/>Hack/Key.txt on the cmd to create zip file password Hashesh for cracking zip file password.

Enter command

8: Your Password Hashes has been created, You can check it in key.txt file inside the Hack folder.

Key Text file

9: Now Type the Command โ€œjohn Hack/key.txtโ€ for crack Zip Password. and Use the โ€œshowโ€ command to display the password. (If the Password is complex, So it may take longer to Crack Zip Password).

Enter command to display password

Now, password is cracked successfully and it is p1234.

I hope you enjoyed this article and you know something interesting. Thank You! for reading, if you like this article then please like this and share with your friends.

Thank You! So much!

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