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Weather v/s Climate

Weather is the condition of the atmosphere in a specific place at a given point in time; these atmospheric conditions may take place day by day, minute by minute or seasonally.climate is the average weather condition over a place and it mostly take place after 30 years of time.
Weather is what you get in a daily basis.climate is what you expect over a long time.
It changes within a short time.In climate the overall changes and variations of a climate are very stable and may take decades or centuries to occur.
Study of weather is called meteorology.study of climate is called climatology.
Weather expressed in term of numerical values of meteorological elements.Climate expressed in term of time averages and area averages of meteorological elements.
Wheather data are the observation recorded at a specific time.Climate refer to the average value of several elements of wheather, relating to a period of more than 30 years.
Weather condition may vary at intervals of a few hours or a few days.climate does not change so frequently.

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