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What is a computer sound card? & Why the sound card is used?

In this article, we are going to discuss What is a computer sound card? why it is used? types of sound card? common problem of the sound card and itโ€™s solution so letโ€™s begin. Computer sound is also called SoundBoard or Audio Board. A single computer can not function functionally, so letโ€™s see it in detailโ€ฆ


A computer sound card is also called a soundboard or audio board. A single computer may not function functionally, but if you install a sound card your sound quality is to a great extent. Because before that it had to be kept separately. But right now, it is already embedded or in the motherboard or currently in the extension slot. So now we donโ€™t need to do it.

What is the sound card & why it is used?

A sound card is an expansion card or IC which helps in creating the sound of a given device (in which the user can easily be heard with the help of a speaker or headphones). A sound card is a component within the computer that provides the ability to the computer to work with audio Input and Output capabilities.

Our music group is mostly in digital formats, a sound card converts the digital data into sound. Through which you can listen to the sound of music or video by your headphone and speakers. The sound card converts the data into the sound waves, which connect to your computer output (speaker/headphone)and reach your ears.

Sound cards that support an analog input, It is very important to have an analog to digital converter in these sound cards. It digitalizes the incoming analog signals so that the computer can process it.

The functions of Sound card


The computer card is found on the motherboard. But if you want to upgrade it, you get more quality of sound. The sound card work on digital and analog information to change in the voice. It has 4 components that perform these works.

  • DAC (Digital to Analog Converter): With the help of this, the sound cards can convert digital data into analog sound.
  • ADC (Analog to Digital Converter): With the help of this, the sound cards can convert the input analog sound in digital recording.
  • PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect ). It connects the sound card to the motherboard, which means your sound card is in the PCI slot.
  • Input / Output Connector: Through, this you can connect headphones, speakers, or microphones to the computer, and you get a voice by connecting your external devices with the sound card.

Types of the sound card

There are many types of sound cards,but the three types are the most important.

Motherboard Sound Chips:

When sound cards were first introduced, they were very expensive add-on cards that cost a lot. But as computer sound technology started, their price also started to decrease. Miniaturization Technology: enabled computer hardware manufacturers to produce sound in just one single chip.

Nowadays, you may not find a computer that does not have a motherboard sound Chip. Motherboard sound chips helped make sound cards more affordable for all computer owners.

Standard Sound Cards:

A standard sound card is an expensive card that connects with a slot in the computer. A very big advantage of a sound card compared to a motherboard sound chip is that these sound cards have their own processor chips, Whereas a motherboard sound chip depends on the computer processor to perform a function.

A standard card produce a very low load on the main processor , due to which you get improved performance while playing the game.

External Sound Adapters:

An External Sound Adapter is a small box that holds all the features of a standard sound card but is connected to the computer via a USB or FireWire port, rather than an internal expansion slot. External sound adapters have also extra inputs and outputs and physical control knobs.

An External Sound Adapter can be easily transported from one computer to another compared to a standard sound card.

How sound card works


Voices and channels

Voices refer to how many independent sounds that come from different sources are managed in a sound card, the same time. When your computer is playing a melody, but when a new mail arrives the sound of a ding is heard, that is the case of two voices.

Earlier sound cards typically consisted of only 9 to 18 voices. At the time these numbers increased very quickly in an average sound card which has around 64 voices, where 32 is available from software and 32 is available from the hardware.

Channels which describes the meaning of โ€œvoicesโ€. Technically channels sound be used in the traditional sense, due to which the sound card can handle audio outputs. The stereo sound has two channels, 2.1 stereo allows for a subwoofer, 5.1 channels include surround sound provides the best surround sound.

Common Problem of Sound Cards & itโ€™s solutions.

The first common problem is that โ€œNo Sound coming from Computerโ€œ.

  • First of all, you have to check whether the sound of the video, movie and the sound of your system is not mute.
  • It can also the sound card itself has been disabled in the device manager.
  • Another reason is that your device driver is corrupted. In this case, you should download and install all sound card drivers from the internet.
  • if even after checking the above things, your sound is not coming, then you may not have installed proper software to perform media playback.

Can the sound card be upgraded?

  • The sound card is easily replaced with a sound card of better quality. So if you want to upgrade your sound card then you can definitely do this.
  • sound hardware that is integrated into a motherboard cannot be replaced, but they can be disabled so that you can switch to a better PCI sound card.
  • With advanced sound cards, you can improve audio, add more clarity to digital sound, or reduce CPU load by using their processing power.

The sound isnโ€™t detected by plug and play

  • First of all, check whether the sound card is properly placed in its slot or not. Then Remove the sound card and again restart it.
  • From the device manager, select Action and then scan for hardware changes.
  • Install the sound card after selecting the action, and add Legacy Hardware in the device manager.

You donโ€™t hear the sound of any Audio or Video.

  • Check the volume control on your speakers and sure Its turned up not muted.
  • Make sure the speakers have power and then check speakers are plugged into the speaker audio of your computer.
  • check the audio or video player that you are using the correct audio output is selected or not.

No sound to be heard while playing audio CD

  • Check the volume control and make sure in its turned up.
  • connect Headphones to the jack of the front of the CD/DVD drive.
  • check the speaker connections and make sure they are connected to the proper jack.


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