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What Is an Algorithm?

Maybe, you will not know what is an algorithm and how it is written, so in this article, we are going to give you complete information about it. Every day we do work as soon as we wake up in the morning and follow some steps from start to finish until the end. Every task is like a problem for you and the solution to the problem is found by working, To solve, we set a sequence.

For example, if you want to make tea, then to complete this work we need to follow some steps.

similarly if you are making bread, then to complete this task you need to follow some steps Is needed.

Steps to make tea are given below

  1. First, put water in a vessel and heat it.
  2. Add tea leaf, sugar, and milk to the water.
  3. Wait till the tea boils.
  4. Turn off the gas and sieve the tea.
  5. The tea is ready now you can drink it

We can call this above example is the algorithm, because this is a sequence, even if you change a sequence, tea will not be made.

By now you have come to know a little bit about what is an algorithm. Now we talk about what is an algorithm in a computer.

The computer is written as an algorithm to do some work. Now in the computer program, we write a lot of steps that the computer executes and finishes the work.

When you tell the computer to perform some work, then you must also be wondering how it does? for this, Programmers use computer algorithms.

what is algorithm

What Is Algorithm?

This algorithm is a procedure (step by step process) or it is a formula that solves a problem. It is a procedure that has limited rules which are also called instruction.

The rules, which are written one by one, and each rule represents some operation, through these rules, the solution of the problem comes out.

In other words, the algorithm is the process of finding a solution to any problem.

Now let’s understand in a slightly more simple language the algorithm has some steps in which each step shows the operation.

one step starts and the last one steps which finishes and there are many steps between these two steps who do different things.

Like to make rice, this is your problem, to finish this work, let’s write some steps

  1. First, the rice has to be washed.
  2. Then heat the water and add rice to it.
  3. And waiting for the rice to boil.
  4. Now rice is ready in 10 to 15 minutes.

Now here every step performs some or the other operation like washing rice, adding raw rice to water and washing it, Different operations are done in every such step.

Importance Of Algorithm

Algorithms are used everywhere, just like you can also answer the problem of your day to day life by these step by step process. If we talk about technical terms, then we are more used algorithms in the IT industry, business model, and programming.

  • In computer programming, the algorithm is written before writing the program.
  • If you are a student of computer science and you have to write a program like Check whether Number is prime or not, this program if you start writing without thinking, then you may get to see many errors in the program.
  • You can reduce these errors if you make an algorithm first.
  • Algorithms are written before the flowchart is made, otherwise, the chances of wrongdoing are increased.
  • Search engine, Facebook likes, Google map shortest path, rating searching, etc, all these work through algorithms.
  • It is also required to write Pseudocode, otherwise one has to rewrite Pseudocode.

Characteristics Of Algorithm

You know that the algorithm is a step by step procedure that explains in what order the steps will be executed so that we can get the desired output

The algorithm is analyzed through two methods, Time and Space-Time, indicating how much time it will take to execute the algorithm and space indicate that how much space algorithm needed to execute.

Now let’s talk about its characteristics

  1. Unambiguous: Whatever algorithm you write is very important to be clear and precise. Every step or line must have some meaning.
  2. Finiteness: Each algorithm should end within a limited number of steps and each step must be repeated for a finite time.
  3. Effectiveness: Effectiveness is estimated from time and space. If the algorithm is written in a short time and space or it is executed in a short time and runs in less space, then it is called the effectiveness.

Merits Of Algorithm

  1. The solution to any problem in the algorithm you will get step by step, which will make it easy to understand.
  2. You can easily convert the algorithm to flow chart and after that, you can convert it to any programming.
  3. An algorithm uses a certain process.
  4. It does not depend on any programming language, so the algorithm is easy to understand even without programming knowledge.
  5. Each step in an algorithm has its own logical sequence, so it is easy to debug.
  6. By using the algorithm, you break the big problem into small pieces. Therefore, it is easy for the programmer to convert it into a real program.

Demerits Of Algorithm

  1. It takes a long time to write the algorithm.
  2. Here It is difficult to show branching and looping in algorithms.
  3. It is difficult to do large tasks in algorithms.

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