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What Is Cloud Backup and How Does It Work?

In this article, we are talking about what is cloud backup or storage? and how does it work so let’s move on and start from the what is cloud backup first? Cloud backup is one type of storage space in which you can store your files and folder and by using your cloud storage account credentials you can access those files and folder from anywhere around the world.

What Is Cloud Backup?

Cloud backup means that all your information or the data will be store on the server online so that you can access those data from anywhere and use that data anytime.

By the way, if you will ask any normal person about the cloud backup or something about cloud then it will understand that you are talking about the cloud or whether.

But this is not like that this will about a one storage system in which data is store in the off-site storage system that is managed by the third party.

You can store all your useful information in remote storage instead of your personal computer or any local storage so that you can easily access all the information at your home via the internet.

If we are talking about cloud backup, it becomes very useful or beneficial as compared to traditional data storage. If you put your data in the cloud storage system then you can easily access that data from anywhere around the world. for that, you don’t need to take any physical devices with you to access the data.

Whenever you need you can give the authorization to another person also so that if you are not available for some time then your work will continuously go on without any interruption.

How Does Cloud Backup Work?

Of site backup characteristically comes in various formats. Cloud backup is most popular amongst them. Basically First the backup process copy the entire data at the off-site and transferring it to the remote storage system from where you can easily access the data for your purpose.

Many of the organization choose this cloud storage system for this purpose because of its high flexibility and easy development, and on-demand scalability.

To set up the cloud backup you to do following steps that is given below

  1. First of all, you have to purchase the cloud backup service
  2. Then install the software in your system.
  3. After that choose the files and folder and application that you want to take backup.

Once you have completed all the configuration, you can use the cloud backup system. Once you will customize your cloud backup service, you don’t need to worry about the backup process all data will be backed up automatically.

Types Of Cloud Backup

There are four types of cloud backup are available that are listed below

  1. Personal Cloud Backup: This is also known as Mobile Cloud Storage, personal cloud storage is a part of public cloud storage, in which individuals data are stored in the cloud. And the access has given to the person so that he can easily access the data from anywhere or anytime. In addition, it will also provide the facility of data syncing so that users can easily access through any devices.
  2. Public Cloud Backup: Public cloud storage is not for the normal human being, it is for the big enterprises, they store their data. In this, the service provider of cloud storage and the enterprise does not work together in the Enterprise data center. The enterprises do not manage the storage, the storage is managed by the company that provides the cloud backup service.
  3. Private Cloud Backup: In this cloud backup the enterprise and cloud service provider integrated together in the enterprise’s data center. Private cloud storage Helps against the security threat and solve the performance issue.
  4. Hybrid Cloud Backup: This is the combination of the private and public cloud backup. Some of the critical data is store on the private cloud backup and you can access the data from another public storage provider.

Difference between Cloud Backup and Cloud Storage

Sr NoCloud BackupCloud Storage
1The main aim of cloud backup is to store the files that are accessible and work with from anywhereThe main aim of the cloud storage is to back up the files on your computer and store them safely for recovery purpose
2Here no status reporting can be done to see if files are stored in a remote locationWhereas here we status reporting can be done after success
3Here we have to put files over manually or placed in the shared folder to be syncedHere the backup process is automatic where files are stored in their original location.
4Here we can store only files and folder no application dataBut here we can backup all the files including hidden and locked files.

Advantages Of The Cloud Backup

There are some advantages are there of cloud backup which are given below

  • Usability: Usually cloud backup has desktop folders for the Macs and PC”s so that users can easily drag and drop the files between the cloud backup and their local storage.
  • Bandwidth: Here you don’t need to send the mail individually you can send only one web link to your recipients, via emails.
  • Accessibility: You can access all you stored files from anywhere around the world with the help of the internet
  • Cost Savings: With the help of cloud backup many of the businesses and organizations can reduce their operating costs because the cost of the cloud backup is only 3 to 4 cents per gigabytes to store the data.

Disadvantages Of The Cloud Backup

There are also some Disadvantages are there of cloud backup which are given below

  1. Usability: At the time of using cloud backup you have to take care because when you are doing drag and drop some files at that time the whole documents of your go there so if you want to keep that document on your system that copy and paste that document.
  2. Accessibility: If you don’t have internet then you can not access your data and you have to wait for the internet that is total time-wasting.
  3. Data Security: Because your data is on the other hand so there is always a risk for data security, so there is a possibility that it will miss using your data so don’t forget to read all the terms and conditions before use.

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