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What is Computer Speaker? & it’s Types

Today we are going to tell you what is the speaker. If you want to get complete information about the speaker and want to know how speakers work on the computer and what types of speakers exist, so this post is helpful to you.

What is the Speaker?

A computer Speaker is an output hardware device that connects with a computer to generate a sound. It converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

The signal is used to produce sound and comes from a computer speaker. It is made from the sound card of the computer. IBM built the first internal computer in 1981, which did not have good sound quality. If you want to know more about the sound card then refer to this link what is a computer card?

How does the speakers works is determined based on three things.

  • Frequency: It is used to measures the range of the voice of the speaker and recognizes it more or less.
  • THD(Total Harmonic Distortion): It is used to measures the nature of the sound of the signal given by the amplifier.
  • Watts: the watt is the amount of the amplification available for the speaker.

How do speakers work?

The most important function of the speaker is to convert the electromagnetic waves into sound waves. The speaker receives electrical input from a computer or audio device, It sends current through the causing it to move back and forth. This motion then vibrates the outer cone, from which the sound is produced.

There are two types of input analog and digital, analog speakers can easily convert analog electromagnetic waves into sound waves. But the digital speaker converts the digital signal into an analog signal, then leaves analog sound waves.

Types of Speakers



Sub-woofers produce very low-frequency sound, and range between 20 and 200 Hz. The sub-woofer is an omnidirectional speaker.

Nowadays, some desktop speakers come with SUB-WOOFER. It is used in cars or home theater. The subwoofers have also started coming in powered and unpowered variants.

Studio Monitors


Professional audiophiles are mostly used in both vocal and music studio monitors. Studio monitors are very well adapted for playing instruments and casual listening. Studio monitors are known for their ability to clear both tone and music.

They are also two types of monitors. powered and unpowered studio Monitors.


What is loud speakers.

These Loudspeakers are very common household speakers. In the past, this was the only way to get sound from the radio and television. It is mostly used in stage performance, They require more space to set. But nowadays it also comes in a smaller size and produces good quality sound.

The Loudspeaker mostly consists of a woofer, and mid-range speaker. which created a full range of sound. So there is no need to buy many different speakers.

Bluetooth Speakers


Bluetooth speaker is wireless technology. These are very portable so that you can play them anywhere and at any time. They provide us high-quality sound. Which we can connect to any audio device, and You can plug some Bluetooth speakers into the outlet, and you can use the wireless speaker by charging. It comes in different sizes and colors.

USB Speaker:


These are also called wireless speakers. If you want to use them, you have to connect a USB to your computer. they work only within a specified range and you can keep them anywhere within that range, their voice quality is also good.

Dynamic Speaker


Dynamic speakers are very common types and are typically passive speakers. They have one or more woofer drivers. They are known to produce low-frequency sound and have one or more tweeter drivers. In some cases, professional speakers have also rear drivers so that the sound can be amplified.

Electrostatic Speaker


Electrostatic speakers are a great choice for those who like crisp and detailed sound. They require an outside power source and hence they are always plugged from an outside power outlet. In most cases, electrostatic speakers are the most commonly used at high frequencies and they are not ideal for low-frequency speakers.

Computer Speaker


The speakers of the earlier computers were small and attached to the motherboard. Later, they started having a sound card attached to it so that users could easily listen to their headphones by the plugin.

At that time speakers were not as powerful, only 8-bit or 16-bit sound worked. The current generation of computer speakers is usually 2.1( two Loudspeakers and one subwoofer) style, which is perfect for casual listeners.

Satellite Speakers


These speakers are small in size and they are wired as well as unpowered. they already have a subwoofer. This type of speaker usually has a mid-bass speaker with a tweeter. This subwoofer is a typical power source for these satellite speakers. You can apply them to any place in the house.

Uses of Speaker in Computer

  • It works by presenting the audio sound of the computer in good quality.
  • With these speakers you can play your MP3, Midi’s tunes, etc.
  • You can easily listen to any multimedia on your computer.
  • It is a technique of listening to the voice in a particular way. In this, you can play the song of your choice. And you can keep these speakers anywhere in the house.


Through this post, you have know ,what is speaker and types of speaker . we hope that this information is useful for you.


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