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What Is Google Dorks? How does It work?

So in this article, we are moving on to discuss Google dorks and how does it work? Google dorks are one type of search string that is used for advanced searching and for that it uses advanced search operators to find the data or information that is not easily available on the website.

it is also known as Google hacking, which returns information that is difficult to find through simple search queries.

In today’s generation, technology is increasing day by day even as most of the thing is developing accordingly the knowledge of the human being is also increasing.

everyone tries to find new things so that they can go to a high level that’s why Google has made Google dorks.

What Is Google Dorks?

It is a searching technique or we can say that it is advance searching operators,

through which if you want to take any information from Google or if you want to take the information on any website then you can easily collect the information with the help of Google dorks.

Google dorks filter the data and show only that part of the information which is correct or the information that you have searched

For example you want to know the all information about a website like when the domain of website has expired which file is hidden,

then you can search for site: website name then google search engine will filter it with the help of Google dorks and only show that information which is related to your searching keyword.

But keep the one thing in mind that Google dork uses different searching operators to search for different kinds of information.

How Google Dorks Works?

Dorks are not only used on Google it can be employed at different search engines. Every day Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo is the search engine that accepts the searched words and strings of the search words and returns the result of that.

But operators have programmed to take the more advanced word from the google that polished to that searched words. Operators are an important expression or word that has a special meaning for the search engine.

Operators include inurl, intext, site, feed, language, etc. Google dork is a search that uses advanced technology to find interesting things about the words that you have searched.

These operators allow the search to target more specific information like some strings of text in the body of the website or files hosted at a given URL.

Among other things, a google Dorker can detect hidden login pages, error messages Which give too much information and files to a website administrator not being publicly accessible.

Not all advanced search techniques rely on operators.

For example, including quotation marks around the text indicates the engine to search only for the exact phrase in the quotation.

List Of Google Dorks

Here some Google dorks has listed that are mostly use let’s discuss one by one .

  1. inurl: When You search in the inurl: any URL after writing keyword then it will show all the information related to your URL it will not show any URL that is not related to your keywords.
  2. intitle: When you write something in this, for example, intitle:abcd then Google dorks will show the result after filtering that has written in your title it will now show anything that is matching with your title.
  3. site: this operator is used to the get the specific page of the domain means any site that you have searches it will provide all the indexing of that site not any other.

For example hear I show you how to use an inurl operator when you write any keyword after inurl like inurl: RKRKnowledge google dorks will show you the result that is matched with your keyword rkrknowledge that has shown below.

So, I think you understand that what is google dorks? and how it is works ? Thanks for giving your valuable time, Wish you a good day!


Suhashini Mishra
Suhashini Mishra
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