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What Is Google Lens? How does It work?

Today in this article, We are going to enhance our knowledge about Google Lens. What is Google Lens ? and How does google lens works ? so, let’s begin…….

It’s been nearly 10 years ago Google Goggles launched, apps that give you more information about real-world objects, with only using their photos taken.

Last year Google has launched Google lens app at that time he was drops these apps, but this apps are only used by who have higher pixels phone.

Google has started making its Lens app officially available on Android phones who have Google Photos installed on their phones. This means that now you are able to scan the things by using these apps and also get information about the dog’s breed and the type of flowers.

So, let’s start with what is it ? and then we see how does Google lens works?

What Is Google lens?

Google Lens is one feature from which you will be able to know the information about objects that appears in any photo what it is, and as a result Google lens also opens some web pages regarding it.

From this app, you can learn more about them by scanning the photos from flowers, vegetables to the building. So now you want to know more about the thing, take a photo of it and scan it with this Lens app. Just! Information will be in front of you.

Google Lens is an app that you get on the Play Store, however, this app is not available for many phones, but there is nothing to worry about, people who have Google photos in their phones can use this app.

Google lens is a type of lens that gives information about a photo by looking at it. Suppose there is a photo on your phone that belongs to a fort and you do not understand that what is this photo.

So just use Google lens, you will immediately know what photo is this. Google lens was launched in the year 2016 but people are still not aware of it.

This is a very useful thing for everyone because with this you can get many types of information that you want to know but you do not know that. In this, you can not only extract the information of a picture, as well as scan any code.

How does Google Lens work?

what is google lens

As you all know, Google has all the information on the Internet.

  • So when you want to know the information about a photo and use Google lens, then Google lens scans it and then sees it in his Google server to see which photo is similar to it.
  • Then after that Google lens tells you the result.
  • It can tell you about objects that appear in the photo.
  • Tells about the species of an animal, flowers. buildings, trees, etc.

How To Use Google Lens

  • First of all, you have to download and install Google Lens from Google Play Store.
  • If it is not available for your phone, then see if your phone has Google photos.
  • If it is, then you can use Google lens through Google Photos.
  • To use it, you have to take a photo of what you want to know.
  • After that open that photo in Google Photos.

google lens - rkr knowledge

  • In this, you will see some options towards the bottom, one of these options will be is of Google lens

google lens - rkr knowledge

  • And you have to click on that option.
  • After this, it will tell you all information related to it.

how google lens works

Advantages Of Google Lens

There are many benefits of Google lens, which you can understand by using it only.

  1. With the help of Google Lens, you can search for something that you are not aware of at all.
  2. If you want, you can search for the name of an animal, a flower or the name of a leaf, the name of a building, the name of an animal, etc., which you need to know through that photo.
  3. Through Google Lens, you can copy any text from the photo directly from the image.
  4. Apart from this, if a number is written on the card, then you can save it only through photos.
  5. If you have any book and you are not getting the information, then you can search it with the help of Google lens.
  6. You are standing at someplace and there is a college or hospital or an institution in front of you and you want to know about it, then just scan its photo on Google lens and you will get the information.

So, that’s how Google Lens works, and how it is important in our life. I hope you enjoyed this article. Share with your family members and in your friends circle and spread knowledge. Keep reading, Keep Smiling, Be Happy. Have a nice day!


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