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What is the Internet of Things(IoT)? How it is Work? – Future of Digital Era

Friends, You must have heard about both computers and the internet. The use of both is increasing day by day. It is being used in all small to technical fields. From and by using it, new technologies are created and they come in the market. One of them is the technology of the Internet of things, It is being talked about a lot. Do you know what is IoT? and How it is work? If you don’t know then this article is for you, In this article, we will give you complete information about the Internet of Things.

Nowadays, IoT is making a lot of noise in the market! Where we are living, Where we are traveling, Where we are shopping, How the manufacture is tracking its product, and What is the import of the source, and many more. We can know about it by using the internet.

What is IoT? and How it is work?

what is IoT?

The full form of IOT is the Internet of things.

IoT is made up of two words that is Internet and Things.

Internet which you all know very well which we are using in our daily life like a smartphone, computers which are connected to the internet.

Things mean that your devices such as your mobile, smartwatch, microwave, washing machine, etc.. Those who connect with the Internet, communicate with each other, and share data with each other.

what is IOt?

In this process, all devices are connected to the internet and communicate with each other. We use lot of things in daily life that are connected with the internet such as laptops, tablets, and your smartphone, etc. These devices are connected with the internet and exchange data with each other. and there are also many devices that are connected to the internet. So these types of devices that are connected to the Internet are called the Internet of Things.

In 1999, a scientist named Kevin Ashton first named the concept “Internet of things”.In this, the devices are connected to the internet, so that our work continues automating. The Internet of Things is a concept whereby all our work goes into automatic mode. We can do any work from anywhere.

Some Examples of IOT.

You must have heard about the smart home. All the devices in a smart home are connected to the internet. Which we can handle through sensors such as you can control the door, AC, temperature, etc. of your house.

If you forget to close the door of the house while going out of the house and you have put a sensor on that door, then the door will be closed automatically and you will get the information through the message on the phone.

If you want to get your home’s AC, lights, etc. are ON before reaching home from office, then you can do this through the internet. Because your vehicle’s sensor will be connected to your home appliances which will signal the devices installed at home and as a command it will be done before reaching your home.

So there are a lot of things that are an example of the Internet of Things. Such smart microwaves, which automatically cook the entire meal, Self-driving cars with complex sensors that detect objects along the way, and fitness devices that measure your heartbeat and number of steps, all things are included on the Internet of things.

IOT- Application:

Applications of Internet of Things

IOT is being used in many places such as:

  • Smart City
  • Automation House (Smart House)
  • Industrial internet
  • Connected Course
  • In Farming
  • Smart Retail
  • Smart Grid
  • Energy Engagement
  • In Factories
  • Smart Transportation
  • And many more…

How IoT work?

How IOt works?
what is iot how it works

IoT works on IPV6 (internet protocol version 6). All devices have their own IP address by which they connect to the internet and use different types of technologies like wifi and Bluetooth.

The IoT system works on four different components:

  • Sensors/Devices
  • Connectivity
  • Data processing
  • User interface.

First, the main purpose of the sensor is to collect data from the environment, and then that data is sent to the cloud via Bluetooth or wifi. After that the software processes that data and informs us about it.

After this, the end-user can get this information by triggering an alarm on their phone or via email and message.

To connect the things that we are using in our daily life, we have to need some more devices that will be connected to the Internet through which you will send an order or request, then it will come to IoT and then your work will be executed.

IoT Devices:

IOt devices are connected with sensors, allowing data to transfer from one place to another over the Internet. It consists of various types of devices. Such as wireless sensors, software, actuators, and computer devices.

IoT Protocols:

IoT devices are connected to the Internet through an IP (Internet Protocol) network. Which works to secure the data exchanged. There are different types of protocols are used in IoT. such as Blue Tooth, WiFi, RFID, ZigBee, MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport Protocol)., CoAP Constrained Application Protocol, DDS(Data Distribution Service). AMQP( Advanced Message Queuing Protocol).

IoT Platforms:

The IoT platform enables IoT device and endpoint management, connectivity and network management, data management, processing and analysis, application development, security, monitoring, and interfacing. Also, the IoT platform reduces the development time for your IoT project. , It helps you validate your business case quickly. It helps you go to the market quickly.

Advantages & Disadvantages of IoT

Advantages & Disadvantages of IoT

Advantages of IoT:

Internet of things facilitates the several advantages in day to day life in the business sector like:

If we learn to operate the devices with the help of IoT and can connect them to each other, then it will make everything easier and will increase our efficiency.

IoT is also used to monitor patients besides hospitals. Data collected from IoT devices can help physicians identify the best treatment process for patients and reach expected outcomes.

With the help of IoT technology, we will need less effort to do any physical task and it will also save our time. If the IoT system is interconnected it will give us more security.

Disadvantages of IoT:

The biggest disadvantage associated with the internet of things is security. In today’s world, many questions arise about the safety of the internet. In such a situation, connecting everything to the Internet will threaten their security.

At the same time, this technology can also become a threat to people’s jobs in the coming times.

Without active participation on the user, the IoT system provides sufficient personal data in maximum detail. With all of this IoT data transmitted, the risk of losing privacy increases.

Designing, developing, and enabling large technology for IoT systems is very complicated.

Friends, you are well aware that till today many IoT devices have been created which we are using such as Google, Whatsapp, Facebook, YouTube, etc. But many such IoT devices will be used in the future like, As your house is connected to the fridge and the internet, it will order itself if there is a shortage of vegetables or other things inside it.

Hope you like this article (what is IoT how it works), we have given you a lot of information related to it like what is IoT how it works and where we can use it.

If you like our article, then share this useful information with your friends, and if you have any thoughts related to this then comment it below.

Article By:- Priya Chauhan

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