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What is Keyboard? & Types of keyboard

Today topic, we are going to discuss something interesting about the keyboard. What is Keyboard actually is? How many types of keyboards are exist in the world ? and what is the full form of the keyboard? so what are you waiting for? let’s start now………….


The Keyboard is the most important input device of a computer. It is the main part of the computer. With the help of this, we enter text and numeric data as input into the computer. The keyboard was invented by Christopher Latham in 1868. It is being used in Schools, Colleges, Companies, Banking sectors, etc.

What is Keyboard?

The keyboard is an input device of a computer that contains many types of keys. It uses to give instructions to the computer. It is a multifunctional device, Which we cannot only write the text but also use the keyboard to control the computer.

The keyboard is mainly used to enter the alphabets, numbers, commands, and different data on a computer. The CPU processes our entered data and then display the results through output devices such as monitors and printers. The keyboard is designed to input text and characters and it contain about 108 keys. The keyboard has many types of keys(Alphabet, number, function key, Special key, and Arrow key).


The full form of a keyboard:

  • K = keys.
  • E = electronic.
  • Y = yet.
  • B = board.
  • O = operating.
  • A = A to Z.
  • R = response.
  • D = directly

Types of Keyboard Keys

Keyword Keys
Navigation KeysThe navigation keys are used to turn the page up and down. It contains arrow keys, Home, End, Insert, Delete, etc.
Function KeysFunction keys are at the top of the keyboard. These are from F1 to F12 and it is used to perform a particular task.
Control KeysThese keys are mostly used in combination with other keys for performing a particular task. In a normal keyboard most of the ctrl key, Alt key, Windows key, Esc key, etc are used as control keys.
Typing KeysTyping keys includes both types of keys alphabet and numeric. All types of symbols and punctuation marks are includes in typing keys.
Numeric keysNumeric keys are used to writing numbers. It is the same key to a calculator key and It is on the right side.
Special KeysSpecial Keys are very useful in the computers system, and It is used to perform certain functions. for example Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Enter, Esc, etc.

Different Types of Keyboards

1. Membrane Keyboard:


The Membrane keyboard is a keyboard, in which keys are not separate. It is transparent, covered with plastic cover, and lacks speed. Only the outline and symbol are printed on it. The advantage of the membrane keyboard is that it is covered with a rubber-like membrane that protects it from dust. These keyboards are cheap, but it is difficult to type quickly on this keyboard.

2. Mechanical Keyboard:


The mechanical Keyboard is a high-quality keyboard, In this a spring under the keys of the mechanical keyboard. The keys of this keyboard are very soft and when we are typing on this keyboard, it sounds like a typewriter. These types of keyboards are mostly used in games Because these are very durable and comfortable.

3. Ergonomic Keyboard:


The ergonomic keyboard is a special type of keyboard that fits the user’s work. This keyboard is more comfortable compare to other keyboards. It increases the functionality of the user and the speed of the user’s work, So that these types of keyboards, are Very Expensive. Its shape is the English alphabet of β€œV”.

4. Gaming Keyboard:


The gaming keyboard is made for the gaming mind amateurs so that they are easy to play games. This design key is very attractive. This is the special keys to play the game in this Keyboard. We use β€˜W’, β€˜A’, β€˜D’ Arrows key, and space.

With backlight keys, you can play games in dark or low light, while the multimedia keys can help the control of the brightness of the screen without the help of multi-key. The quality of the gaming keyboard is very good and it is very expensive than the simple keyboard.

5.Wireless Keyboard:


The wireless keyboard is a plug-in player keyboard that relieves the user’s wire because it does not have any wire or cable. It is communicating with the help of radiofrequency (RF), infrared, or Bluetooth technology.

These Keyboards are small weight and light. This is the wireless keyboard is a bit expensive, and It is a bit of technical complexity in connection with the computers It is not uses because of this technical complexity.

6.Multimedia Keyboard:


The multimedia keyboard is one of the most popular keyboard types. The multimedia designed to launch the program used by users often. Some multimedia keyboard features the front and backward in the web browser, Open volume or renders and operate the second file from multiple media files.

This is mainly used in the Keyboard. This keyboard contains all the important multimedia keys. We can also use the multimedia function, which can help us easily play video playback.

7 . Laptop Keyboard


The keyboard used in a laptop is also called a laptop keyboard, it is a QWERTY keyboard. The layout of this keyboard is slightly different as they are designed according to the size of the laptop. Its keys are very close together and it also provides some additional keys that perform a wide variety of functions.

Such as reducing the brightness of the screen, reducing the volume, muting, controlling multimedia, putting the laptop in sleep mode, or turning into the Airplane mode. Laptop keyboards are more expensive compare to desktop keyboards.

8. USB Keyboard


Universal Serial Bus was invented a large leap in the history of the computer. Today, we have also USB keyboard, mouse, speakers, monitors, and headphones. This type of keyboard uses a USB interface as a way to connect with the host. We get a cable with a USB stick in the end with this keyboard.

If you use the USB keyboard you have to face a problem, Our computer cannot support the USB keyboard at booting. This means that you cannot access and change the bios.

In this article we have given basic information of keyboard. I hope you like this post if like this article please share it with your friends.


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