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What is Proxy Server? How Does it Work?

Today, we are going to understand about Proxy Server, what is proxy server and also how does it work? and also we see the use of it, so let’s start now……

You Have definitely heard about proxy voting in which at the time of voting.

If any person is not available for a vote then the other person will give a vote instead of his or her place.

You can do the same to visit any website on the internet.

what is proxy server

When we view any website from our computer system, but the server that is , connected with the server of the website is a different system that the server is known as a proxy server. for a better understanding see the above image.

In the situation of a Proxy Server, you can’t access any website from your computer system directly.

We can access it with the help of a proxy server. Or we can say that a proxy server works as a medium between a user or website’s server.

When you send any request to any website it will go via the proxy server to the

website and the response sent by the website also comes back via the proxy server.

How Proxy Server Works?

As you know every computer has its own unique IP Address connected over the internet.

which tells the identification of that computer.

And with the help of these IP addresses internet will know the exact location of the computer ,

which’s why it can send the right data or information to the right computer.

A proxy server is also one type of computer and it also has its own unique IP Address.

Whenever you want any resources or ( like any website or file) First of all your computer will send the request to the proxy server.

When the proxy server gets your request,

It sends that request to your destination server where your requested file or resources are stored.

Your computer and server do not communicate directly that’s why the server doesn’t know the IP of your computer.

So that your computer identification is hidden from the server.

Use Of Proxy Server

Mostly the proxy server is used for security purposes to hide the IP address.

Except this, to access any blocked website proxy server will use.

let’s know the use of the proxy server in detail.

  1. To increase the speed of the internet:-In any organization by using a good proxy server you can increase the performance of the network. The proxy server will store your files into his cache so whenever you want to access that file it will directly provide that file from his local storage that’s why there is no need to send the request to the website’s server for the same file so that the time is saved or the bandwidth.
  2. To hide the IP address:- If you access any website directly from your computer then your IP address will reach there where that website was hosted. because of this many of your personal information is reach there including location so that with the help of a proxy server you can hide the IP address of your computer.
  3. For Monitoring: With the help of a proxy server you can watch the use of the internet by your employee at the office. Except this in the house parents will get to know how many or what website was visited by their kids.
  4. To access the blocked website:-You have seen that in many schools and colleges they keep some restriction on its computer so that few things you can not watch on their computer except this on the geographic location or countries some website are banned. to bypass all these security restrictions proxy server comes into use.
  5. To increase system security:- Always there is a risk of server hack or data loss in any organization. The proxy server will provide a lot of benefits to this matter. you can encrypt your client-server communication by configuring your proxy server so that any third party won’t able to read it. You can also block malicious websites.

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