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Home Knowledge Zone What is Software? & types of Software!

What is Software? & types of Software!


The computer is consists of Hardware and Software. The software is required to use a computer. It is required to perform a task on a computer. Software, that allows you to communicate with smartphones, tablets, games, media players, and other devices. And there exists some types of software also.

Software is a part of a computer that we can only see and work on. It is prepared by software programmers by using different types of programming languages. To create this software, you should have knowledge of programming language as well as algorithms and software Engineering.


What is Software?

Software is a set of programs and instructions, that performs a specific task. A computer cannot work without software. It is the part of a computer that we can only see and work on, the software is used to simplify working on a computer.

If your computer did not have a software, you cannot do any work. There are different types of software like MS Office Photoshop, Adobe Reader, etc. A browser is also a software through which we can find information about anything.

After the computer is on, the software is first loaded in RAM and executes in the Central Processing Unit. Operating System Software is required to do anything on the computer.

Types of Software

types of software

There are three types of software.

  1. System Software
  2. Application Software.
  3. Utility Software

1.System Software

system software

The system software is a software that manages and controls the hardware. It is an essential part of the computer system. They create an interface between the user and the hardware and provide a platform to execute the application software.

There are many types of system software like:

  • Operating system software
  • Interpreter
  • Compiler
  • Assembler
  • Loader

An operating system is the system software, that is loaded after turning on the computer. That is, it is the program required to boot the computer.

The compiler converting the source code into machine code to create an executable file. Each programming language requires a Compiler. It reads the entire program at once and if there is an error occurs then it shows an error message.

An interpreter is a program that performs the task of converting a program into machine language. Interpreter occupies less space in memory. It checks every line of the program if there is an error in a line it shows the error message and until the mistake is rectified it does not allow to proceed.

Assembler is a program that translates assembly language into machine language. It translates high-level language into machine language. It converts mnemonic code into Binary code.

2. Application Software

application software

Application Software is a group of software programs. That helps a user to perform single or multiple tasks. They can be constructed in any language depending on the work. It is also called end-user software.

Types of Application software.

  • PowerPoint
  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • PhotoShop
  • MS Paint and many more.

3. Utility Software

Utility software is also known as a Service program. It is a computer system software that is designed to help organize computer hardware, operating system, or application software. It also helps to configure, and monitor, or maintain a computer.

Types of Utility Software.

  • Disk management
  • Disk formatting
  • Scan Disk
  • Virus Scanner
  • Disk Checker
  • Data Selection Program
  • Disk management Program: These are programs that organize any files.
  • Data Selection program: It is helpful to separate the records from a data file.
  • Disk Formatting: by using different memory disks or floppy, The task of making disk, etc compatible with the operating system before use in the computer.

So, I hope you understand what is software ? and types of software. and it is helpful to you.

Contributed By :- Priya Chauhan


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