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What is the Server? How does it work?

Did you know the internet is managed by whom? when we search for anything on the internet how does that page is available for us there is various process is running behind it. Many people do not know what is a server ?, without a server, anything we have searched on the internet is impossible to show.

So in this article, we are going to talk about what is the server and how it works. so letโ€™s start.

What is Server?

A server is a machine that stores the data and when we needed it will show that data on a different browser.

The server is one type of computer which was designed for processing the request or to forward the data on to the different computer on the internet or any local network.

The server word is taken from the web server, when we search for anything on the internet, then the webserver sends that page to the browser.

However any computer who runs any special software can work as a server.

Types Of Server

There are a various types of server that are given below.

  1. Web Servers
  2. Email Servers
  3. FTP Server
  4. Identity Server
  5. Home Server

Web Servers

  • Web server shows the page based on the web browser.
  • the web server is that server that is connected to your web browser.
  • The web server delivers the pages, images, that you can view.
  • In this case, most of the client browser is a browser such as Internet Explorer, chrome, firefox, opera, safari.

Email Servers

  • Email servers is used to send and receive emails.

FTP Server

  • FTP server supports the facility of interchange the files with the help of file transfer protocol tools.

Identity Server

  • Identity server supports the login or security for authorized users.

Home Server

  • A server is a software so that people can also run it at home that only accessible through the home network.

How Does Server Works?

how server works

If you have to understand how does server works? first of all, you have to understand how the client-server model works.

So to understand this letโ€™s take an example of a web server. suppose you want to open a Facebook account in your browser.

For this, you type the website address of Facebook and press enter. So at first, the request will go to the DNS(Domain Name Server) and DNS will provide the IP address of Facebook.

Now with the help of that IP address browser will find the server of Facebook and it will send the request to the server of Facebook.

After getting the request the server will reach your Facebook page up to you.

So this is the way how the client-server model works and the same as this model server will also work. I hope you will understand.

Use Of Server

In any organization, the server is very useful and important. It will do many of the work very quickly and easily.

In the server, some previously installed program performs complex task such as calculation, transaction, billing, very fast.

The main and important work of the server is to share the data and resources that are connected over the network.

It will perform some special tasks that is given below and many more things the server can do.

  1. Handle the client request
  2. Online gaming.
  3. Handle the complex transaction in the bank
  4. Online video streaming
  5. Website hosting.

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