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Home Knowledge Zone What Is VPN(Virtual Private Network)? How Does It Work?

What Is VPN(Virtual Private Network)? How Does It Work?

Today In this article we will understand what is a VPN? And how Does It work? A Virtual Private Network or VPN provides an encrypted connection from any device to the network on the internet. Encrypted connection verifies that the sensitive data of the user is transmitted safely.

It is one network technology that provides a secure connection between public networks like the internet and private network like WiFi.

In today’s generation, android smartphone users are increasing day by day.

we do our lot’s of work on the internet like online transactions, downloading movies and music, etc.

To sign in to the websites we have to give our personal details to the website,

but sharing the personal details is very risky because online many bad people are there ,

who can steal your personal details and start blackmailing you.

Hackers and snoopers are every time try to steal your data and they will start demanding a lot of money in return.

But we are very lucky that there is a very easy way is available to get out of this problem and the name of that solution is VPN.

You have definitely heard about VPN so in this article we are going to discuss VPN so let’s start

What Is VPN?

Virtual Private Network

The full form of VPN is Virtual Private Network.

It is one network technology that makes a secure connection in public networks like the internet and private network like WiFi.

VPN is the very best solution and way to secure your network and save your personal details from hackers.

This service is mostly used by the businessman, organizations, government agencies, educational institutions, and corporation who work online to save their important data from unauthorized users.

VPN saves all your important or not important data.

The normal human being who uses the internet for browsing can also use VPN service on their smartphone or computer via VPN applications.

When we are talking about free internet, then in India there is a lot of demand for free internet because sometimes local government does regular blocking or access restriction.

Because of that some time you have to face a problem with downloading and uploading.

At that time VPN keeps your identity safe and private and also helps to bypass these restrictions.

How Does VPN Work?

The main work of a VPN is to secure your connection and the work of yours that you are doing on the internet.

In addition, the very big benefits of VPN is that some website that is restricted means we can’t access those websites so with the help of VPN we can access those websites easily.

When we connect our device with the VPN then it works as a local network,

then whenever we search the website that is blocked at that time VPN starts its work and sends the user request to the blocked website server via VPN.

After that from the server of the website, it will show all the information on the user’s devices. When you connect with the other countries VPN It is possible via tunneling very easily.

Because that website is not blocked in that country so you are easily connected with the VPN after that one connection is established between your VPN and that country’s VPN

which is in an encrypted form that means no one can steal your personal data from that network and you can easily access the website via VPN.

Advantages OF VPN

Some of the VPN advantages are listed below

  1. This will help you to access any public connection safely.
  2. VPN increase online security.
  3. It protects your web data very well.
  4. You can easily watch any shows with the help of a VPN from anywhere.
  5. You can download anything anonymously.
  6. If your internet provider restricts you to use any website
  7. then by using a VPN service, you can download the file anonymously.

Disadvantages OF VPN

There are some disadvantages also which is given below

  1. Most of the reliable VPNs are not free.
  2. most of the time you will get free VPN service but there is a limit of using it that is daily 2GB or 5GB,
  3. After this, it is not free at this time you have to use paid monthly subscription.
  4. You have to do good research for finding good connection speed.
  5. VPNs usually encrypt the network traffic because it uses many resources that reduce the speed of the internet,
  6. so you can use paid VPN To carry the high internet speed.
  7. As you know that not all the VPNs are unique it has shared by many people so, in this situation,
  8. there are many security issues that arise like IP addressing blacklisting, IP spoofing.
  9. so the better option is that you use only reputable, Trustworthy VPNs.
  10. Sometimes VPN can complex also. usually, some of them are simple but many of them are complex also. This means the setup procedure of a VPN is complex so that few users may not use VPN.

Contributed By :- Suhasini Mishra


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