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What Is WhatsApp Web? How to Use WhatsApp Web?

Do you know What WhatsApp web is? How you can use it, and what are its advantages..? if you do not know, today I am going to tell you. something regarding WhatsApp web, and how you can use it. About that. And I will also tell you how useful it is. So let’s start.

What Is WhatsApp Web?

how to use whatsapp web

Friends Whatsapp web is one such feature. Using which you can easily use your WhatsApp in any laptop, PC, tab, or any other phone with the help of Qr-code.

And you can do all that work. What you do in your phone’s WhatsApp means that your WhatsApp will appear on the screen of your computer, laptop, tab, or any device.

WhatsApp Web is a website version of mobile application, from where you can send a message to your contact list. If you want to use WhatsApp on the computer then you can do this with the help of WhatsApp web.

To use Whatsapp web, you have to scan the QR code from the mobile app, by doing this you can send or receive a message from the computer in WhatsApp.

In today’s digital era, everyone is connected to social media, among which Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp.

Smartphones are nowadays developing day by day and with good features, due to which a considerable amount of users of WhatsApp has increased.

Whatsapp has now become the main messaging app of your mobile where you can send information, send messages to your well-wishers.

how to use whatsapp web
  • To use WhatsApp’s Web Version, you must have WhatsApp Application Up to date installed on your phone.
  • You can use the WhatsApp web only on the latest Web Browser which supports it.
  • To use WhatsApp Web Version, your Mobile Number must be connected to Whatsapp already installed on the mobile.
  • There is no signup or sign in option on WhatsApp’s website.
  • If using WhatsApp Web laptop or PC, mobile data will continue to be used.

When was the WhatsApp web launched?

Whatsapp Web is the desktop version of the Whatsapp Messenger App of a web smartphone, which was launched on 21 January 2015.

It was initially launched only for android, blackberry, and windows phone users but was later launched for IOS and Nokia users as well.

Earlier WhatsApp used to work only on mobile phones but after seeing the problems of users, it was updated and made WhatsApp Web, which you can use on a laptop or computer.

how to use whatsapp web

Now you can send messages by operating WhatsApp Messenger installed on the smartphone on your computer and laptop.

This is a new specialty of Whatsapp that has made for using WhatsApp Messenger on the web browser.

There is no need to download the app in this not do you need to login, you need to scan a QR code, and then you can send and receive messages from your browser to your user.

How does WhatsApp Web work?

In WhatsApp Web, you can use all the features that you can use in WhatsApp’s app. For this,

It is necessary to install the WhatsApp app in your smartphone and then scan the QR code located on the WhatsApp web. After exiting, you have to scan again to use WhatsApp Web.

how to use whatsapp web

To use WhatsApp Web it is necessary to have an internet connection on the smartphone.

You cannot transmit or accept messages over WhatsApp Web if your mobile phone has not an internet connection. If you want to send or receive successfully then it is compulsory to have an internet connection in both your computer as well as in your smartphone

Features of WhatsApp Web

  • With WhatsApp Web, you can download images, videos, and audio files directly into the computer.
  • You Can join many computers with your phone.
  • Can remotely disconnect WhatsApp Web from your phone.
  • You Can mute desktop alert and sounds.
  • You Can send photos, videos, documents, and contacts from the computer.
  • can see WhatsApp status updates.
  • You can delete multiple messages on the computer by selecting.
  • can change the profile picture.

How To Use WhatsApp Web?

Friends, to operate WhatsApp Web, you must have a mobile phone and Rear Camera and an internet connection in it. So, first of all, go to the Web Browser on your laptop or PC.

And type https://web.whatsapp.com which will open the main window of WhatsApp Web Which we have shown in the screenshot below.

  • First of all open WhatsApp in your mobile and in the top corner you will see 3 dot Menu option will appear, which will open this window on clicking.
  • When you click on these three dots then you will see the many options given to it
  • And you have to click on the WhatsApp Web option.
  • On clicking WhatsApp Web Scan, there will be an option to scan WhatsApp QR code on your mobile screen.
  • When you scan the QR code, your WhatsApp Messanger will be open on your browser,
What Is WhatsApp Web?
  • Therefore you can take benefits of using WhatsApp Messanger on your desktop or laptop.

Benefits of using WhatsApp on the web

If you have a computer and you want to use WhatsApp on a computer, then the feature of WhatsApp web on WhatsApp also has some advantages for you.

So let’s know about the advantages of using WhatsApp on the web –

  • The biggest advantage of using WhatsApp on the web is that now you get a big keyboard for typing during chatting, with the help of which you can type easily.
  • Some people use a computer keyboard more and they have a problem with typing anything on mobile and they cannot write fast. In such a situation,
  • this feature proves very helpful for those who like typing with a computer keyboard.
  • With this, you can easily write anything from a keyboard to chatting on your computer.
  • The next big advantage of WhatsApp Web is that you do not need any different software or applications to run WhatsApp on your computer or laptop.
  • You can directly add WhatsApp to your computer with the help of this feature.
  • One advantage of WhatsApp Web is that any kind of downloading process is finished rapidly because the computer has capabilities to download any video or files faster than mobile.
  • There is no problem with security in WhatsApp group.
  • Whenever you want it, you can exit it from your mobiles and delete the data of your WhatsApp account on the computer as per your wish.
  • It is completely secure.
  • After connecting WhatsApp on the web, you can put your mobile in charging mode and use WhatsApp easily on your computer.
  • Now you will not need your mobile for any activities related to WhatsApp. Now your mobile is absolutely free.

How to logout WhatsApp Web?

Logging out WhatsApp from a computer or laptop is absolutely easy and you do not need to complete any lengthy process for this.

You can log out of WhatsApp from both mobile and PC.

  • Logout from Mobile:- If you want to log out of WhatsApp Web from mobile then you will see the option of Log out from all computers in the feature of WhatsApp Web.
  • By clicking on this option, you will be logged out from the WhatsApp web and will be removed from any PC or laptop on WhatsApp.
  • Logout from PC or Laptop:- If you want to logout a WhatsApp account connected to PC or laptop, then you will see the icon of the menu at the top which will be of three dots.
  • By clicking on it, some options will open in front of you. Out of them, you will see an option of Log out. By clicking on this option, your Whats App Web account will be logged out of the computer.

So now you will know about Whats App Web what is it, how to use it,

Hope you would liked this information. Thanks for reading.

Contributed By :- Suhasini Mishra



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